Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder for Your Smartphone

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Chipolo tracking device (along with a key ring and spare CR2025 3V battery) come in a nicely put-together packaging and it's ready to use out of the box. Simply pull out the small label sticking out of the Chipolo to activate the Chipolo, turn on your Bluetooth and download the Chipolo app from the Chipolo website.

Once the Chipolo app is installed, you are good to go using the Chipolo by attaching it to your keys, putting it inside your wallet or anything or anyone you want the Chipolo to track.
Chipolo Plus (upgraded version)
The way Chipolo works is that as soon as the Chipolo goes out of range from your phone, the app will alert you of this via a push notification. You can then pinpoint on a map the last known location of the Chipolo (including date ad time). If you want to find your Chipolo and you are within range you can tell the app to make the Chipolo do a ‘chirping noise’ to aid you locating it, and also you can use the Chipolo app's built in distance meter to narrow down the Chipolo.

The Chipolo has lots of great features and one of my favorite features of the Chipolo that makes it stand out is that you can also track the phone the app is installed in. As long as you have the Chipolo with you and you are within range, you can shake the Chipolo and the phone will start making a sound.

Other outstanding features of the Chipolo are the "Sh-sh-shake" feature and built in temperature sensor. With the "Sh-sh-shake" feature you can take selfies by simply shaking the Chipolo. The built in temperature sensor further helps you narrowing down whether the Chipolo is outdoors or indoors. The other feature is "Quiet Zones" which essentially allows you to tell the Chipolo not to "alert you" by defining an area where you want the Chipolo and the phone to be silent when you go in and out of range. This is great when you are at home or at work and you move around a lot and your keys and phone are not always in range.

Another great feature of the Chipolo which sets it apart is the Chipolo Network which allows you to tag your Chipolo with an SOS tag if your Chipolo is stolen or lost. Then, any phone with a Chipolo app that comes within range of your lost Chipolo notifies you about its most recent location. Also, with the Chipolo you can share it with up to four people, which allows all four people to see the location of the Chipolo on the map.

The Verdict
The Chipolo is a smart item finder with replaceable battery and plenty of useful functionalities to help the user narrow anything or anyone tagged with the Chipolo. Depending on your smartphone's operating system, you can download the Chipolo app on the App Store, get it on Google Play or download from the Windows Phone Store. Check out Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder for Your Smartphone 

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