Tiffen Steadicam Smoothee Handheld Stabilizer For Smartphones

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Having seen up-close before a professional camera stabilizer used for film production tracking, I am looking forward to trying out a handheld version of a professional Steadicam. The one I have for review is the handheld Steadicam Smoothee Stabilizer by Tiffen, which comes with a universal smartphone mount, a balance weight, a belt clip and a user guide.

The user guide is actually quite handy and user-friendly, and has easy-to-follow pictures that show you in 8 steps how to attach the smartphone mount to the Smoothee Stabilizer and how to balance the Smoothee Stabilizer.

After attaching my smartphone to the universal mount and reading the user guide, balancing the Smoothee Stabilizer was straight forward. To get the balance correctly you need to adjust the "forward/backward" and "left/right" tilts using the red knobs, as well as slide up/ or down the "front balance weight" (circular thing at the front of the Smoothee Stabilizer frame) until you get perfect balancing. Here is a video tutorial which shows you how this is done:

Once the Smoothee Stabilizer is properly balanced, grip the Smoothee Stabilizer handle with one hand while using both your index finger and thumb to control the camera mount. Apply ever so lightly pressure to the under side to stabilize the Smoothee Stabilizer. You can also use your other hand to stabilize the Smoothee while gripping the handle with the other, but I find the "finger thumb" technique is more effective.

The Verdict
The Steadicam Smoothee Stabilizer gives the amateur filmmaker a little taste of what being a Hollywood Steadicam operator would be like. With the Smoothee Stabilizer you can attach your smartphone or action camera and track shots, follow actions shots, capture wide pans and shoot smoother handheld footage which glides seamlessly through the air. The Steadicam Smoothee Stabilizer is compatible with the GoPro and Drift action cameras. Check out the Steadicam Smoothee Handheld Stabilizer

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