All-In-One Retro Console Compatible With Linux and AEROS!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

A perfectly fitting arm-based game console, by the name of indieGO!, will be launching to market towards the end of the first half of 2016 and will feature a built-in DVD-RW drive that will allow you to play Amiga CD32 and Playstation original games and other and other CD-based console games. The indieGO! game console system can play PSX games at full speed and has an automatic recognition layer for PC and console games, which means as soon as you insert a disk the system will install it without the need of any manual configuration.

The indieGO! retro console system also comes with a digital/analog USB-Controller joyPad and a Raspberry Pi2 development board, though you can use a more powerful solution of your choice such as an Odroid C1 board or Odroid XU4 board. Also, you can attach a USB retro joystick or retropad adapter to use your original gamepads.

What I like about this console system is that it comes with a Cloud-Storage (25GB) to store games and includes Exagear desktop (to run Linux i386) and AEROS beta 9 which allows you to use the indieGO! as a conventional computer. As the Operating System is compatible with Linux and AEROS it allows for execution of Linux i386 binaries and with Wine also i386 Windows applications side by side with ARM Linux and ARM AROS binaries, which is definitely cool! Also, even if you already have Raspberry Pi, Pi2 or Odroid, you can still use this system (all you have t do is just buy the Software on MicroSD-card!).

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