BlinkyTape RGB LED Multi-Color Light Strip For LED Projects

Monday, December 21, 2015

Being such a fan of DIY Internet Of Things, I'm looking forward to trying out the visually creative use of LED strip lighting and how it can be used for DIY LED projects as well as IoT projects!

The led strip that I have with me today is called BlinkyTape, which is a fun and glowy meter-long full-color light strip consisting of 60 independent RGB LEDs controlled by a custom light processor board. BlinkyTape comes with a built-in micro-USB connector and it is enclosed inside a flexible and weatherproof silicone protective covering. The BlinkyTape light strip is powered via USB and the brightness and effects are controlled via a tiny on-board switch.
With the BlinkyTape you can take it with you on the go (with the use of USB battery pack) and you can custom make your own light patterns and store/save them directly on the BlinkyTape light strip for playback away from the computer. Also, you can set the color of each LED's red, green and blue and control each LED individually, which is pretty cool!

The light patterns and animations are created and edited in real-time using BlinkyTape's PatternPaint or AmbiTape software, though you can also use free programming environments such as Processing, Python or Arduino since the BlinkyTape uses the same ATMEGA32u4 processor used in the Arduino Leonardo development board. Check out BlinkyTape Light Strip

BlinkyBoard Specs

  • 8-bit ATMEGA32u4 operating at 16MHz
  • 32KB Flash memory
  • 2.5KB RAM
  • Micro USB connector for power and data
  • On-board micro switch for interactive applications

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