Jorno Foldable Keyboard Is Perfect For Mobile Use On the Go!

Saturday, December 05, 2015

Up for review today is a tri-folding Bluetooth keyboard with a full standard keyboard layout for smartphones and tablets. Right out of the box, you can tell the quality and durability of this mobile keyboard which folds up to a compact size. The Jorno mobile keyboard uses Bluetooth, runs on rechargeable battery and comes in a protective case with magnets that lock the case in place. The case also doubles as a stand that securely holds your device perfectly in either portrait or landscape orientation to fit your viewing angle.

I specially like the way Jorno replicates the standard desktop typing experience on a truly mobile keyboard. The keys feel just right. It's the same touch typing experience as your desktop or laptop and it's rigid enough when folded so you can place the keyboard in your lap.

To turn Jorno on, simply unfold the keyboard and to turn Jorno off, you simply fold the keyboard. Paring the device with Jorno is easy. Simple press the ‘Fn’ and ‘C’ keys on the Jorno keyboard simultaneously to enter pairing mode. The Bluetooth indicator light will begin to blink (make sure Bluetooth on your device is turned on). Your device will automatically find Jorno. Select ‘Jorno keyboard’ and your device will pair with Jorno. You can also tell Jorno what kind of device you are using by pressing ‘Fn’ and ‘Q’, ‘W’, or ‘E’ simultaneously. ‘Q’ indicates an Android device, ‘W’ indicates a Windows device, and ‘E’ indicates an iOS device.
The main feature of the Jorno is sleep mode, which turns on automatically after 2 minutes of inactivity. To exit sleep mode, simply tap the Enter key and wait 2 seconds. As far as battery life, full charge will show green, while low charge will show as red (low battery). To charge the battery, you simply plug the micro USB cable (included) into the micro USB charging port of the Jorno and connect it to a USB charger or laptop USB port. Once full charge is reached, the battery status light will go off.
The Verdict
Jorno keyboard has a slick design and works with iPhone, iPad, Android devices and the new mini tablets. Jorno allows you to type into your phone more efficiently and get work done anywhere, anytime! Best of all, Jorno is small enough to fit in your back pocket and to throw in your bag. You can use it everywhere like in a cafe (as there is no messy wires) and get real work done. You can use Jorno to take notes in a meeting. If you are driving in your car and receive an important email, you can stop and use Jorno in your car to respond to the email without having to wait to get to the office. Jorno is compact enough to fit in a purse, a gym bag or any of your pockets. Jorno is perfect for use on the go at lunch, the park or the airport.
When folded, Jorno measures 5.77in x 3.53in x 0.67. Unfolded, Jorno measures 9.91in x 3.53in x 0.26in. It weighs 184.5grams (6.51oz). The rechargeable lithium ion battery can last up to month on one charge. Check out Jorno Foldable Mobile Keyboard

Full Specifications

  • Folded 5.77 x 3.53 x 0.67 in (146.5 x 89.6 x 16.9 mm) 
  • Unfolded 9.91 x 3.53 x 0.26 in (251.7 x 89.6 x 6.6 mm) Weight 6.51 oz (184.5 g)

  • 6.51 oz (184.5 g)

  • Battery Rechargeable lithium ion battery / 220 days standby mode 85 hours of uninterrupted work (continuous typing)

  • Micro USB charging cable (included)
  • Bluetooth 3.0 (backward and forward compatible) 
  • Operating distance of 32 ft (10 m)

  • Power on LED (green)
  • Pairing LED (blue) 
  • Low battery LED (red)

  • Apple iOS (iPhone 3GS and newer, all models of iPad, iPod Touch 3rd generation and newer) 
  • Android 2.1 and newer (including all Samsung, Motorola, Kindle, etc.)
  • Windows Surface 
  • Windows, Mac, and Linux based tablets, 
  • PCs, and laptops 
  • Blackberry 10 OS and newer 
  • Playstation 3 and newer 
  • WebOS 2.0 and newer 
  • Symbian 1.0 and newer 
  • Selected televisions (check your user manual for HID Bluetooth compatibility)
  • Any and all HID (Human Interface Device) compatible devices

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