Torch Is The Bee’s Knees Of Rechargeable Heated Coats!

Sunday, December 06, 2015

A jacket with built-in heating is really a great idea but I have yet to come across a heated coat that is rechargeable and can be transferred between multiple coats! The coat heater I'm reviewing is called Torch and it's both rechargeable and universal. The Torch coat heater kit comes with three thin (soft mesh) heat pads, one smart lion-ion battery, adhesive Velcro pads and a battery charger.

Installation of the Torch coat heater is pretty straightforward. Simply stick the adhesive Velcro pads on either side of the inner lining of the jacket and one Velcro pad on the back area (make sure the jacket has an inside pocket and the inner lining is smooth). Then, stick the Torch heater pads onto the corresponding Velcro pads, connect the Torch heater to the battery and place the battery in the inside pocket of the jacket.

The Torch heater turns on easily by simply pressing and holding the power button until the blue light turns on. The heating options are adjusted by simply pressing the power button each time until the desired heating option is selected (you can adjust from full power (100%) to low power (25%). To turn the battery off, you press the power button repeatedly until all lights turn off.
To check the battery level, disconnect the Torch heater and press and hold the power button. The battery will light up either 100%, 75%, 50% or 25% to indicate the power charge remaining on the battery.

As far as charging the battery, it takes around 90 minutes to completely charge and will last around 5 hours. It is nice the battery charger visually alerts you when full charge is complete (the red light on the battery charger turns green after full charge is complete).

The Verdict
Torch is not another heated coat in the already saturated and expensive market of heated jackets! Torch have filled a gap in the market by offering an affordable and versatile solution that can be used on any of your coats. This eliminates the need for you to buy expensive different heated coats to change styles. Check out Torch Rechargeable Coat Heater

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