A Raspberry Pi Add-on With Sequential GPIO Ports For Easy Tinkering!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A new Raspberry Add-on solution, called RasPiO Pro Hat, will be launching in June of 2016 that will make GPIO tinkering that much easier and safer for Raspberry Pi beginners thanks to Sequential GPIO Ports. The RasPiO Pro Hat board essentially puts the Raspberry Pi GPIO ports in numerical order, 2-27, placed around a 170 point mini breadboard. Each GPIO port on the RasPiO Pro Hat is protected from excess current load and voltage drop to prevent damage.

The RasPiO Pro Hat is ready to use straight out of the box as it comes fully assembled (no soldering or software installation required). All you have to do is build a circuit on the breadboard and control it with GPIO Zero (or RPi.GPIO etc).

With the RasPiO Pro Hat you also get access to unprotected ports via unpopulated header if you want to bypass the 330 Ohm resistor on any of the ports. As far as the port protection, it uses a 330R resistor in series with each port to limit current to 10 mA per port. A 3V3 Zener diode 'clips' any over-voltage and diverts the excess to GND. It also protects against small negative voltage (~-1V). The RasPiO Pro Hat is suitable for all 40-pin Raspberry Pi models (Raspberry Pi B+, Raspberry Pi A+, Raspberry Pi2B, and Raspberry Pi Zero).

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