Mogees Sound Recognition Turns Gestures Into Musical Instruments!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mogees is a sensor and app that can turn anything into a musical instrument on the fly, as well as enhance existing instruments and control any instrument via MIDI. Mogees is essentially a small vibration sensor that can be stuck to any object or surface to produce music by way of tapping, scratching, etc. For example, if you tap the surface of a table top, you will produce a tune, but if you scratch it, you will produce a different tune.
Mogees is plug and play. Just plug Mogees into your iPhone or Mac (Windows coming soon), launch the Mogees app and connect your speakers or headphones. From the Mogees app, select an instrument and start tapping away. The Mogees app will detect the frequency of your gesture and will tune the sound of the instrument accordingly.

Each tap or scratch sound recorded can be then associated with a particular instrument. The Mogees app detects and analyzes the vibrations you make, and then alters the acoustic properties to make the vibrations musical by producing different notes and timbres.

What I really like about Mogees is that everyone can invent their own way to play. The Free Mode in the Mogee app lets you improvise completely, while the Song Mode allows you to preload your own song and then interpret it with the music instruments you create.

The Verdict
Mogees can transform anything into a musical instrument and can be used as a MIDI Controller to trigger different MIDI notes and control any synth or effect. With Mogees you get a mobile app and special contact microphone, which works with smartphones and tablets. The Mogees input adapter that comes with the package can be used with standard music equipment and computers.

Mogees uses sysnthesis techniques such as physical modelling synthesis and frequency modulation synthesis (FM synthesis) to simulate the physical source of sound and turning it into a different-sounding tone. The Mogees app has a sizable selection of specifically-designed sound engines such as classic drum sounds. Check out Mogees Sound Recognition Vibration Sensor

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