First Harmonic IEB6+Mic In-Ear Headphone With Stereo High Fidelity Sound!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Today I'm taking a look at the IEB6+mic in-ear earphones by First Harmonic, which are made of aluminum and come with replaceable rubber tips, special 5.5mm mini-driver and gold-plated plug connector. The First Harmonic IEB6+mic feature an in-line multi-function button remote and microphone, five sizes of flexible silicon ear inserts (xs/s/m/l/xl), carry pouch, cord clip, one year limited warranty, tangle-resistant cable and passive noise isolation.
It was interesting testing out the IEB6 earphones and then trying out to the ThinkSound rain2 in-ear headphone back to back.  The IEB6's really have a crisp sound quality which gives new depth to music tracks that I had listened before and really enjoyed listening to. The bass is forceful and the mids on the IEB6's really drive the sound.
I like how sturdy the First Harmonic IEB6 earphones feel and the fact that the anti-tagle cable does not actually tangle. Also, the IEB6's come with just about the right length of cable (around 1.4 meters) and you can use the IEB6's as a headset to talk on your phone. The in-line microphone is actually quite good and offers clear sound to the person on the other line.

The Verdict
The First Harmonic IEB6+mic in-ear headphone has a 9Hz-20kHz frequency response, they
are super lightweight and offer high quality sound thanks to its dynamic microdriver. The IEB6+mic fit in the ear comfortably and perfectly cancelling all the exterior noise around you. The IEB6's plug is angled at 45 degrees and the single button control and microphone works with iPhone as well as other smartphones. Check out the First Harmonic IEB6 in-ear headphone

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