Thinksound Rain2 Dynamic Driver Wood Earphones

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Following up from the First Harmonic IEB6 earphones, I am testing out yet another pair of dynamic microdriver in-ear earphones called Rain2 by Thinksound, which are the predecessors to the TS03+mic version. The Thinksound Rain2 earphones come in a neat environmentally friendly packaging with a cardboard mold holding the headphones and a cotton carry pouch, which contains a variety of ear tips as well as a cord clip.
The housing of the Thinksound Rain2 earphones is made of wood and aluminum, which makes the Rain2 very nice looking. The Rain2 cable itself is PVC-free, anti-tangle and sweat-resistant, which is great for working in the gym.
The 8mm dynamic drivers of the Thinksound Rain2 are surprisingly powerful but not overblown or muddy. You can still hear a defined sound with nice highs and good bass, even when playing polar opposite music genres like hip-hop/rap and classical. The Rain2 in-ear earphones also feature passive noise cancellation, which do a very good job at blocking noisy sounds around you, even when playing music at half the volume.

The Rain2 plug connector is 3.5mm and 45 degree-angled gold plated, which means you can fit the Rain2 in most 3.5mm stereo jacks, as well as iPhone or Android smartphones.
The Verdict
The Thinksound Rain2 are a sweat resistant in-ear headphone with passive noise isolation and nicely balanced acoustic sound. The Rain2 earphones produce an even frequency range (18Hz-20kHz frequency response), making them ideal for listening to music that features a wide range of instruments. The build quality is great and the earphones fit nicely and comfortably in the ear canal. The Rain2 cord is long (around one and half meters long), doesn't twist around itself and it's also reinforced with Kevlar (which is the same synthetic fibre used to make tyres). Check out the Thinksound Rain2 earphones

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