Rechargeable Glow In the Dark Mule Orb Doubles Up As 60 Lumen Flashlight!

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Glow in the dark sticks are such a neat invention so when I heard of a long lasting USB-charged glow in the dark solution, I knew I had to find out more about it! The glow in the dark in question is called Mule Orb Light and it's essentially a reusable glow in the dark and flashlight that is powered by rechargeable lithium batteries.
The Orb gets better battery life thanks to its energy saving hybrid mode, which sends short bursts of light every two minutes keeping the glow in the dark face to glow super bright for longer (I was able to get 5 days worth of battery life on a single charge). The Mule Orb light also features a small light sensor, which activates the flashlight when it's dark to keep the Orb glowing bright.

What I like about the Orb light is that it has more utility than regular disposable glow sticks but maintains the functionality of conventional glow sticks. The Mule Orb Light is reusable, it charges from any light, glows super bright on night and lasts forever. The Orb recharges just like your cell phone via standard USB to micro-USB connection. When the Orb is charging, a red solid LED light shows. Once full charge is complete, the LED light shows solid green.

The Verdict
The Mule Orb light is a cool and super efficient glow in the dark solution that fits inside the palm of your hand and can be used for normal everyday use as well as backpacking, kayaking, and even scuba diving. The Orb light can be easily attached to backpacks and can be used as a flashlight to help you find your keys inside your car, bag or purse. You don’t have to worry about overusing the Orb as it recharges like smartphones do by plugging it into any USB port. Check out the Mule Orb glow light rechargeable flashlight.


   Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery (included)
   USB Port and Connection Cable

   Patent Pending Hybrid Technology
   30x More Efficient than Traditional LED Lights
   3 Modes of Operation to Save Battery Power

    1.5 ounces
    Specs:  37mm x 25mm
    Secure Attachment

  Water Resistant/ Water Proof:
    Waterproof Case Available for Scuba Diving & Watersports

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