SoundPeats A1 Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones With Mic And Impressive Sound Quality!

Monday, January 04, 2016

After hearing good things about the SoundPeats A1 Bluetooth over-ear headphones, I thought to try them on for size! The SoundPeats A1 come with a 90-cm long audio cable, a standard USB to micro-USB charging cable, carry pouch and user manual. The head padding and headphone cups are soft and cushy with wide cups which cover the ears completely.

The functions and controls of the SoundPeats A1 are located on both headphone pieces. The built-in microphone, track-forward/track-back buttons and the play/pause button are located on the left headphone piece, while the power button, volume up/down buttons, micro-USB port and audio jack are located on the right headphone piece. The LED notification is built inside the left headphone piece and can be seen magically appearing when turning on the headphones.
To take a call while using the headphones, you press the power button. The headband is also adjustable and you can freely rotate the actual headphone pieces from 45 degrees to 90 degrees for carrying them around. The lithium battery is also detachable and recharging it is easily done via the USB cable. As the battery is charging the LED light shows solid red. Once charge is fully complete the LED light shows solid blue. Paring the SoundPeats A1 headphones with your smartphone is done by pressing and holding the power button for 5-7 seconds until the LED notification starts flashing blue and red. Once connected, the LED flashing light will show solid blue.
The battery life on the SoundPeats A1 lasts for the better part of a day (around 12 hrs on 60% volume), which means you don't have to recharge them for the entire day so you can simply plug them up over night to use the next day. There is also an auto-off feature, which turns the headphones off when not in use (this is a clever touch for conserving battery life)

A couple of other things like about the SoundPeats A1 are the buttons and how the cups fold flat. The A1 has separate buttons for separate functions so it does not combine several functions into multi-functional buttons. If you like headphones with fewer buttons you may want to check out the Q9 earhones. Another practicality that I like about the SoundPeats A1 headphones is that because they fold flat only one way, every time you pick them up you know the correct way to put them on your head.

The Verdict
The SoundPeats A1 are quirky over the ear headphones with great Bluetooth connectivity (a good 8 meters of strong Bluetooth connection). The SoundPeats A1 have a good battery life, they're budget-priced and have an impressive Hi-Fi stereo sound quality. You get a generously controlled amount of bass and volume with the SoundPeats A1, which is nice. They have a good built quality feel and they are very comfortable even when wearing them for long periods of time. The buttons on the SoundPeats A1 are responsive and the headphone cups fold flat so they're easy to transport. The headphones themselves have a built-in mic for answering calls, they are lightweight and compatible with Android and Apple phones. Check out the SoundPeats A1 Bluetooth Over Ear headphones With Mic

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