The Trucker's Friend All-Purpose Survival Tool Made in USA

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Ingenious gadgets is what Gadget Explained is all about and one such nifty gadget is the Trucker’s Friend! The Trucker's Friend is an axe, claw hammer and crow bar all in one handle that allows hacking, prying, pounding and pulling without having to have a bunch of individuals that do the same thing. The Trucker’s Friend is about the length of a framing hammer and it’s very similar to what firemen and rescue workers use. Preppers, survivalists and anyone interested in survival tools will definitely love the Trucker's Friend!
I love how heft without being heavy and multi-purpose the Trucker's Friend is for home and outdoor use because of its versatile and lightweight characteristics.

The Trucker’s Friend has a fiberglass handle with a shock-absorbing/heavy duty rubber grip with ridges that give you an extremely good grip even with greasy hands. Because of the position of the steel head and the end rubber grip, you really get a good balance when swinging and striking.
The Trucker's friend two prying claws for prying nails are great. One of them is located on the hammer poll and the other prying claw is on the end of the steel head. I tested it pulling nails, and there's little to no flex in the handle when pulling regular nails.

The Verdict
The Trucker's Friend is a quality USA made product that is made to last a lifetime. It is a handy and versatile tool for general use around the home, camping or in an emergency involving a car accident. The Trucker’s Friend is a hatchet, axe, claw hammer, and pry bar all in one very lightweight handy tool. It's easy to hold onto and safe to carry around thanks to the plastic blade cover. Great multi-use tool to have in an emergency and it’s a serious tool for serious jobs. The Trucker’s Friend is made with heat treated steel so the blade can be sharpened. The Trucker’s Friend lifetime no hassle guarantee gives real confidence buying this product. Check out the Trucker's Friend All Purpose Tool.

Here is the Trucker's Friend in Action

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