Vapium Summit Portable And Efficient Herb Vaporizer Under $150

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

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Up for review today is a portable vaporizer, called Vapium Summit, for use with dried herbs. The Vapium Summit vape is powered by internal rechargeable lithium ion battery and the adapter for the charger is standard micro-USB. It takes around an hour to fully charge up the Vapium Summit vape and you get about an hour's worth of usage before it needs recharging again.

The Vapium Summit works by heating up a chamber oven located at the bottom of the unit (the chamber oven has a magnetic lid). The mouthpiece, which is covered with a transparent plastic cover), is located at the top end of the vaporizer, and connects to the chamber oven through a stainless steel vapor path. You can take apart both the transparent plastic cover and the mouthpiece itself for cleaning (included with the package are cleaning brushes).
After placing the herb in the herb chamber, the Vapium Summit is powered up by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the vaporizer turns on and starts heating up (power button shows blue).
The Vapium Summit vape has eight temperature levels to choose from, and once the vaporizer is heated up, it will vibrate and the power button will turn green. Heating up time takes around forty five seconds when set to heating level 5, which is the best heating level for optimum results.
Aside from the rugged feel and cool rubber grip, I really like the fact that the Vapium Summit can be used while it's plugged in and charging. The vibration feature alert is also pretty cool as you are alerted once the vaporizer has heated up to optimum temperature. Another great feature is that every ninety seconds the vaporizer will go into "stand by mode" and turn off to conserve battery life.

The Verdict
Vapium Summit is a good performing vape with a well put together build quality. You don't have to take long and deep draws to get a decent amount of strong vapor and the vapor taste is good and smooth (good draw resistance overall). Vapium Summit is pretty efficient and the herb chamber holds around 3 grams when the herb is finely grinded/chopped and neatly packed in the herb chamber. You can get at least twenty draws out of a vape session. Vapium Summit is small, light and great to have as a first vape. It comes with a one-year warranty also. Check out the Vapium Summit Portable Vaporizer.

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