iCamera Keep DIY Wireless Home Security Camera By iSmartAlarm!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

I would like to review in the future a complete home security alarm system but today, I am taking a look at a stand-alone Wi-Fi security camera, called iCamera Keep by iSmartAlarm!

iCamera Keep is a 720p camera, offering 1280 x 720 HD resolution and has a 77.5 degree viewing radius, as well as a 350 degree pan and 40 degree tilt on it, which means you can move the camera 350 degrees side to side and 40 degrees up and down.
Included in the box are a power adapter and the hardware to mount the iCamera Keep to a wall (this includes two plastic anchors, two mounting screws, a mounting aluminum bracket and three Phillips head screws). To set the iCamera Keep, you plug it into your iPhone or Android device using your phone cable and download the iSmart Alarm App to get the iCamera Keep set up.
iCamera Keep is powered by a DC 5volt 2amp power adapter which plugs right into the rotatable base of the iCamera Keep. On the front of the camera, you find a listening microphone audio and indicator light; while the eye socket of the camera has infrared for nighttime viewing. On the back of the camera, you find a standard USB port and a reset button.
Once you download the iSmart Alarm App onto your iPhone or Android device, you will need to sign up and enter information such as country, phone number and password. Once that’s all entered, plug in your USB charging cable on the back of the iCamera Keep and the micro USB side to your smartphone. You will then get the view of the camera itself and from the app, you can pan and tilt by simply swiping left to right or up and down. The middle button allows you to take snapshots of what the camera is looking at; while the microphone button allows you to listen in to what is going on. You can set up the iCamera Keep to trigger motion to send you a notification to your phone every time activity is detected.
From the settings of the camera, you can change the motion alert and sound alert, as well as the resolution (low, medium or high), or turn on the night vision. You can also add new users if you want them to have access to the iCamera Keep.

The Verdict
iCamera Keep is a standalone 720p resolution camera which can be used in combination with the iSmart Alarm to get a complete home security system. iCamera Keep is very easy to set up and very easy to install with the included hardware and great to use as you don’t have to have the iCamera Keep hardwired into anything. iCamera Keep is ideal as a baby monitor and for monitoring your home from anywhere as you can connect to it using a smartphone or other mobile device. This means no monthly cost of third party monitoring contracts as you can can quickly check up on what is going on at home and receive notifications when iCamera Keep detects sound or motion. Check out iSmart Alarm iCamera Keep

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