Running Finger Bell By RunBell: The Polite Way To Get People Out Of The Way!

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Gadget Explained is all about ingenious devices that solve a problem. They say if you have a good idea, run with it and that's exactly what RunBell has done coming up with a running finger bell, which is actually a pretty good idea! 
Running is one of my favorite activities to stay fit and so, I like to run every morning and evening, though problem is that in the evening it gets more congested with people walking so it's harder to run. 
The concept of RunBell to safely get around people and blind corners to prevent bumping into people is a pretty neat one because if bikes can have a tinkle bell, why not runners? The clear sound of a bell works great plus it's a nicer way to tell people to get out of the way or to let them know that you are coming their way.
RunBell is a sleek, lightweight (weighs just one ounce) stylish and very wearable finger bell for running that is made in Tokyo and consists of a bell, a striker and two rings which slip onto the fingers to help stabilize the bell and stop the RunBell from any rotation. The striker is mounted on a flexible spring so no matter where you push or pull the striker it will always strike the bell to let others know that you are coming through.
The RunBell is such a great idea and delivers a nice clear sound. The dome is made of brass (contains zero nickel or lead), while RunBell's grip is made of aluminum. RunBell is purposely oversized to fit over gloves, though it also comes with soft silicone inserts to adjust Runbell on your bare fingers. Check out the Runners Bell by RunBell

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