Reversible Necktie made from Real Circuit Boards!

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Today I'm reviewing a nifty wearable tech, by TechWears, that blends french fashion, french art and french tech and takes printed circuit board ties to the next level by making neckties from real electronic circuit boards!
The circuit board tie by TechWears is 100% handmade from recycled circuit boards. It can be folded and adjusted and it's reversible. The design for the reverse side can be chosen from a pattern selection ( Laced Targets, Bubbles, Paisley, Victorian, Warp, Circuit Circus and Formula Geek) or you can customize your very own pattern by uploading your own design.
TechWears necktie made from real circuit boards, really stands out and it's a real eye magnet. When out and about with friends people come up to ask about the tie and say how cool it is and want find out more about it.
The circuit board is fun to wear, creative and an eye-catching tech-based product. It is unique and brilliantly assembled. I can only imagine the process the maker had to go through to deconstruct electronic components, and then put back together into something attractive, modern and with a polished look. TechWears necktie made from real circuit boards is very well done without catches or rough edges. This product is a nice addition to tech fashion and it's ideal for any techie, computer whizz or internet geek! Check out TechWears necktie made from real circuit boards

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