ICON 190 Lumen Rear Bike Light With Crash Alert & Theft Alarm!

Friday, February 05, 2016

I'm reviewing today what looks like a typical bike light, but there is whole lot more to this clever bike light than powerful 95 lumen CREE LEDs!
SeeSense ICON is a smart bike light which adds optional smartphone connection, allowing you to switch it on, change the brightness runtime and add new features via Bluetooth firmware updates. ICON also functions as an anti-theft motion sensor and will send you a "theft alert" to your smartphone should anyone try to disturb your bike. Should you get into an accident ICON will note your location, allowing you to send a "crash alert" for help to a nominated contact.
The safety aspect of the ICON bike light is quite remarkable as it's also capable to adjust automatically the brightness and flash rate during day and night time use. The ICON bike light will increase or decrease brightness and flashing rate when approaching roundabouts, road junctions and as night approaches.

The ICON rear bike light is specifically designed for daytime visibility and the twin CREE LEDs are super bright. The optics on the ICON rear bike light illuminate all around, providing great side visibility too. You can choose from constant light or flashing light by pressing the button on the bike light briefly.
Mounting the ICON rear bike light is easy with the rubber straps that come with the light. You simply stretch one of the straps around the bike, adjust tension and hook the strap over the mounting lugs to firmly attach the ICON rear bike light to your bicycle. To pair the bike light with your smartphone and use the crash/ theft alerts and other features such as battery level, you need to download the free ICON app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

To charge the ICON rear bike light, you remove the rear adapter from the unit and insert the micro USB side and connect the standard USB side to a charging USB source such as your PC. The USB cable is also included. Battery levels are also indicated on the ICON rear bike light. When the bike light is turned off, you will see a small LED light that will flash green or red. Green indicates battery level is more than 75%, while red indicates less than 25% battery level.

The Verdict
ICON is a rechargeable and water resistant (sealed to an IP67 rating) rear bike light designed specifically for daytime visibility and can be set to produce regular flashes of light so it's great for those looking for a bicycle safety strobe light. The ICON rear bike light uses sensor technology that monitors your environment around you, boosting bike safety by sending an emergency text if you crash as well as providing great side illumination. ICON is lightweight, compact and provides a run-time of up to 15 hours from a 5 hour charge. You can easily control the light, check the battery level and optimise the brightness and runtime. It comes also with a 12 months warranty. Check out the ICON Rear Bike Light With Crash Alert & Theft Alarm!

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