X-Pro Hearing Protection Ear Plugs With Push-Click Valves By ProSounds SportEar

Monday, February 08, 2016

If you are exposed to occupational or recreational hazardous noise above 85 decibels, you may want to check out the X-Pro hearing protection ear plugs by Axil ProSounds SportEar. These hearing protection ear plugs are made of hypoallergenic, medical-grade polymer and have a 19-30 noise reduction rating (NRR) over the standard 24-26 earplugs. They also come with push-click valves that plug your ear off but allow you to hear when you need to. You can wear them while wearing a helmet, hearing muffs, mask or hat, and if you're not happy you can return them (30-day money-back guarantee).
The ProSounds X-Pro hearing protection ear plug mechanism works similarly to a retractable click pen, which makes these hearing protection ear plugs very unique indeed. Click-open and you hear. Click-close and the sound/noise around you magically disappears.
I tested the performance while out at my local nightclub and paintball club and they work very well, and they are practical too as I didn't have to remove them when talking to people. Simply push a button to hear and push again to protect. I did show these ear plugs to the bar manager at the nightclub and he was impressed with the functionality and practicality so, hopefully he will allow bar staff to get these, which is nice as an 8-hour work shift serving drinks at a club must do some damage to the hearing!
While at the paintballing club, the plugs held up nicely and after a few hours of spirited firing and paintball grenades explosions, my ears were still comfortable without an extra ringing in them. Mind you, paintball grenades are really loud, like a real gunshot!

The Verdict
ProSounds have taken hearing protection ear plugs to the next level by incorporating an acoustic sound valve that offers comfortable, versatile and effective hearing loss protection at a push of a click. The X-Pro ear plugs fit the ears perfectly and securely and come with a neoprene zipper case, as well as a selection of comfortable silicone and foam tips. With the silicone tips you get 24 decibels of noise reduction; while the foam tips offer the best hearing protection with 30 decibels of noise reduction.

The X-Pro earplugs are great if you go clubbing, play the drum or guitar a lot, do construction work or if you work in an industrial environment. These ear plugs also come handy at a concert, auto car racing or to plug off noise from a snoring partner (or to prevent tinnitus). Check out Axil ProSounds X-Pro ear plugs.

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