One-Size-Fits-All Face Shield Bandana Neck Warmer By The Weatherneck!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Here is a multi use wearable that goes by the name of The Weatherneck, and it's made in the USA! I've been looking for a while for an alternative face shield bandana/neck warmer solution that doesn't use the standard hook-and-loop fasteners (a.k.a velcro) or pull-cord drawstring, but it's still easy to take off and easy to fit loose or tight.
The Weatherneck ticks all those boxes plus it keeps the warm, keeps out the wind and keeps dirt and dust out of the mouth, which is important when I'm out and about on my trusty fixie bike. I really like the feel of the breathable material used as this face shield/neck warmer doesn't get sweaty and wet and I don't overheat. Even on a race pace during a cold morning jog or 25 minute commute, I can feel the fresh air seeping through without it being cold.
The stitching looks very well made throughout and it's easy to wash. Simply use hand soap in the sink and it dries in just a few minutes. The Weatherneck neck warmer bandana is one size fits all and it attaches easily with magnets, which is great as it means much less fussing around and no velcro ripping apart sound alerting everyone!

The Verdict
The Weatherneck is a quality, clean, comfortable and functional face shield bandana neck warmer made in the USA. The quality of the fabric is soft to the touch, it washes easily and it's also versatile in that you can use it to cover your neck or pull it up much higher over your face. The Weatherneck is designed to fit everyone and the design/color schemes make it a genuinely unisex product. You can use it for cycling to work, walking your dog, jogging and out on the ski slopes or out on the crag to keep the sunray burn off your neck. How you use the Weatherneck is really up to your imagination. If you're a welder, you could easily use it to protect the neck from welding spatter too. Check out The Weatherneck face shield bandana neck warmer.

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