Wacaco Minipresso Hand Pump Portable Espresso Maker!

Monday, March 14, 2016

If you're looking for a portable, easy to use, power free way to get your caffeine fix on the go, look no further than the Nanopresso or Minipresso hand pump espresso maker by Wacaco!
Wacaco's portable espresso maker is made from FDA safe materials and requires no electricity (or batteries) and no cartridges (It uses standard fine coffee grinds). The entire unit disassembles in 6 parts:

  1. Drinking cup (to pour the espresso)
  2. Shower Head (or spout unit where the espresso comes out)
  3. Coffee filter basket (for the coffee grinds)
  4. Pump unit (to hand pump the espresso)
  5. Pre-measured scoop (holds 8g)
  6. Water tank (holds 70 ml or 2.35 oz)

The way the Minipresso hand pump espresso maker works is simple, you add coffee, pour hot water and pump with your hands. To get the best results out of the Minipresso hand pump espresso maker follow the steps below:

  1. Preheat the entire unit by running a cycle of hot water first
  2. Scoop coffee with the pre-measured scoop
  3. Add coffee inside the filter basket (and tamp it lightly using the back spoon)
  4. Apply slight pressure to level the coffee grind
  5. Mount the filter basket inside the pump unit
  6. Screw on the shower head (spout unit) very tightly
  7. Pour hot boiling water in the water tank up to the "Fill line"
  8. Screw on the main unit and the water tank tightly with both hands
  9. Move dial to the Unlocked position to release the pump piston
  10. Flip over the entire unit and squeeze in the release pump
  11. Pump until it the coffee and crema are fully extracted
The key to getting the best espresso out of the Minipresso espresso maker is to do an initial six hand pump presses repeatedly (you will notice no much coffee content comes out). After the initial hand presses, make sure to keep a steady and consistent hand pump pressing motion.
As far as cleaning the Minipresso espresso machine, the enclosed units (shower head and pump unit) of the espresso maker can do with regular cleaning to avoid after-tastes. 
To clean the shower head, you simply remove the inner unit that is enclosed within the shower head body. The inner unit consists of two sections, one of which holds in place the spring mechanism. To remove the first section, use a spoon or knife to lift it up, then use a Philips screw driver to remove the three screws to release the second section. That's it. The entire process of disassembling and reassembling the inner shower head unit takes only a couple of minutes. A quicker way to go about cleaning the entire unit would be to simply run 2 or 3 cycles of hot water.
The Verdict
The Minipresso hand pump espresso maker by Wacaco is simple to use and simple to clean. After water is boiled you can have a personally espresso with crema in seconds from the comfort of your work office chair or camping tent! The Minipresso espresso maker hand pump produces 8 bars (116 PSI) of pressure, which is very closely in line with the standard espresso making machine. The Minipresso espresso maker has a solid build, weighs just under a pound (360g) and measures seven inches long. Check out the MiniPresso Hand Pump Portable Espresso Maker

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