Salter 2.5 Litre Air Fryer Makes Tastefully Tempting Fast Foods At Home!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Up for review today is the Salter 2.5 Litre Air Fryer which uses super heated circulated air that allows you to cook with next to no oil. What is appealing about the air fryer is that it is essentially a mini oven and deep fryer all-in-one. The air fryer works like a regular conventional oven but you can cook things like samosas and prawn tempura that you would normally cook in a deep oil fryer.

Salter air fryer comes with a removable cooking basket which is non-stick coated and has a release button that allows you to remove it from the actual cooking compartment (the cooking basket handle is also removable).
Salter air fryer's interface is easy to use and consists of a power indicator light, heat indicator light, timer control dial and temperature control dial.
After you plug it in and switch it on, using the Salter air fryer is straight forward. Simply set the temperature dial to the desired heat setting and wait until the green heat indicator light turns off (this means the fryer has reached the required temperature).
As far as cleaning the fat and grease build up, both the cooking basket and cooking compartment wash off easily like a regular non-stick pan. The cooking element inside it and walls of the air fryer also wash off easily with a cloth soaked in warm soapy water.
The air fryer unit has air vents that allows cooking vapors and smells to escape. The 60 minute timer with automatic switch-off feature is also quite handy and kicks in when cooking time has finished and when the cooking compartment is pulled out.
The manual has clear instructions on how to operate the unit (do's and don'ts) as well as helpful cooking guidelines. The user's manual also includes around 20 recipes for cooking with the air fryer (each of these recipes has a list of ingredients needed and the method for cooking it).
The air fryer has a small footprint (H: 31cm x W: 26cm x D: 33cm) and uses 1500 watts of power, allowing the fryer to heat to a maximum of 200°C incredibly quick.
The Verdict
Salter air fryer offers a unique frying process where food is cooked with hot air circulation, thus providing an alternative to traditional cooking on the stove, oven or with a deep fryer oil. How much oil actually comes out from cooking foods with the air fryer will surprise you. The amount of oil needed to cook with is very minimal, even when cooking fried chicken. The best part is that oil is not wasted and not having to cook fried foods in reused oil.

You can make tastily tempting"fast food” meals like Tandoori chicken and Japanese style fried chicken at home without forking out the take-away expense. Salter air fryer also takes up less counter space so it's ideal if you have a small kitchen. Check out Salter 2.5 Litre Air Fryer

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  1. Bought one today and was very disappointed with my first batch of chips. The chips on top were burnt, were, the ones on bottom were not cooked. Really disappointed with this item.


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