Ohyo Bag Converts To A Messenger Bag, Backpack, Shopping Bag and Tablet Bag!

Friday, April 22, 2016

Up for review today is an ingenious multipurpose bag, called Ohyo bag, that you can transform into a versatile daily messenger bag (small or large), grocery bag, backpack (small or large) and tablet bag in just a few simple manoeuvres!
The Ohyo bag is essentially a tablet bag, a work bag, carrier bag, a backpack and a travel bag all in one. The bag consists of two belt clips attached to an adjustable strap, three split rings, instructions manual and side strips where you loop the split rings and belt clip to adjust the bag.
A great functional feature of the Ohyo bag is that you can transform it while wearing it, which is great when you are on the go and need to downsize or increase extra bag space as you require.
If you are carrying your laptop in the messenger mode and need to pick up some groceries on your way home, you can transform the bag into the full grocery bag (with your laptop still in the bag) by simply unhooking the belt clips from the center of the strips and clip them to the very top.
If you don't want to expand the Ohyo bag to a full grocery bag, you can turn the Ohyo bag from a small messenger bag to a larger messenger bag by simply clipping the belt clips higher up the strip; hence creating a bit of extra space.
To transform the Ohyo bag into a tablet bag you need to fold the bag into a quarter so all the pockets are on the outside and clip the split rings into the corners.
To transform the bag into a large backpack, you extend the strap to the full length and clip the strap clips to the very bottom of the side strips. Position the two split rings to the very top of the clip strips and slide the strap into the split rings.
To convert the large backpack into a smaller rucksack, you simply adjust the strap shorter and re-position the split rings to the mid section of the side strips.
The Verdict
By carrying out simple manoeuvres, the Ohyo bag can be converted into four different bags (messenger, grocery, backpack and tablet) with the option of a smaller or larger messenger bag and backpack. The grocery bag has a zip and can hold 24 liters of contents. When wearing the bag in messenger mode, you can clip the split rings to the side strips for additional security.

The tablet bag mode is perfect for the airport or as a daily little bag for your gadgets. The tablet bag mode gives you in total four pocket spaces: a front pocket to keep your boarding tickets, phone and passport neatly tucked away, a hidden pocket with a key ring and a safe pocket for your valuables as well as a zip up area for a book or tablet. In messenger mode, you can convert the Ohyo bag into the full grocery bag without having to adjust any other parts of the bag. The bag is very well stitched throughout. Check out the Ohyo Multi-Purpose Bag

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