VSSL Supplies Emergency Preparedness Survival Kit Inside A Military Grade Aluminum Canister!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A couple of months ago I reviewed the Trucker's Friend survival tool and today I checking out a practical, portable and compact weather-proof survival kit for hunting, camping or general emergency preparedness. It's called VSSL Supplies!
The VSSL utility tools canister is an all-in-one flashlight, oil-filled compass and 15 utility tools, all nicely self-contained inside a military grade aluminum canister.
The VSSL Supplies canister is modeled after a regular survival flashlight (9 inches long by 2 inches wide) but instead of D-cells batteries, the VSSL Supplies canister uses three E-90 batteries, allowing space for seven utility tool tins to fit inside it.
The VSSL Supplies utility tools features a variety of camping and hiking accessories, including a beeswax candle, waterproof matches, 20' Kevlar rope, fishing gear, signalling mirror, military can opener, first aid supplies, fire starters, razor blade, water purification tablets, emergency whistle, wire saw with handles and glow-in-the-dark trail markers

The top of the VSSL has a flashlight with three independent LED bulbs that feature a static light mode (lasts around 24 hrs) and S.O.S mode (lasts around 48 hrs). The flashlight has a lock function as well as a handy auto-off feature where the flashlight will automatically turn-off after prolonged continuous use.
The bottom of the VSSL canister features an oil-filled compass that can be removed for handheld use as well as for holding the wax candle.

Trail Markers/Whistle

Fire starter/ Mirror: matches, fire striker, and flammable wicks/tinder tabs

Wire/ Saw: the wire saw has nylon loops for the hands

Rope/ Razor Blade: marine grade rope and standard razor blade

Can opener/ Water purification: 6x water purification tablets with instructions

Fishing tackle: 3x lures, 9x hooks, sinkers, swivels and fishing line

Mini first aid kit: 4x large band aids, 4x small band aids, anti-septic towel, 3x safety pins,

Wax candle

The Verdict
The VSSL Supplies has a cool-looking rugged, lightweight, refillable and water resistant aluminum canister with a powerful three LED flashlight that can be unscrewed from the main body and use independently in three light modes: high (bright light), low (dimmer light) and S.O.S. message. The flashlight switch is also waterproof.

The VSSL aluminum canister itself is water tight and can be used to hold water. Each individual tin has clear to read labels and the handbook manual tells you very simply how to use each tool in the survival kit, which comes with a variety of tool supplies that you can use outdoors in case of an emergency or for short trips or excursions. Check out the VSSL Supplies Survival Kit

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