Perform-V Vocal Effects Processor With Footswitch Input, Built-in Mic and Over 800 Vocal Effects!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

If you are a huge nerd when it comes to audio gear or a YouTuber, voice over artist or live performing artist, you need to check out Perform V!
Perform V is a really cool vocal processor that clip mounts on a microphone stand and allows you to get a better voice amplified sound as well as better overall vocal sound effects.
Perform V consists of a control knob dial, three preset buttons and 11 functional buttons (TAP, TALK, SET, 48V, Headphone, DOUBLE, REVERB, ECHO, TONE, Anti-Feedback and PITCH).
The back of the Perform-V features a mini-USB port, Power input socket, Kensington lock, an auxiliary input, a pedal footswitch input, a MIC OUT and MIC IN.
The TONE button is an adaptive tone that makes your voice sound more produced by getting rid of muddiness and brightening up the voice.
The ANTI-Feedback button minimizes speaker squeal; while the PITCH correction button is used for producing perfectly in tuned pitch sound (hold down the PITCH button for 2 seconds to select from Flat, Correct, Sharp).

(micro USB cable and power adapter included)
The DOUBLE, REVERB, and ECHO buttons have different styles with levels which can be turned up and down via the control knob dial. There is only four styles for each of the DOUBLING, REVERB and ECHO, and the styles and their levels can be stored in one of the three preset buttons
The ECHO button has a TAP button for controlling the ECHO tempo; while the TALK button bypasses all of the effects so you can talk to an audience by momentarily turning off the vocal effects.
Perform V also comes with a companion app, called Perform-V App, available on Android and Apple, that allows you to add more vocal effects via a smartphone or tablet. From the app, you can search and pick from a huge selection of vocal effects presets by Genre, Artist, Song, as well as quickly access recently used presets and mark your favorite presets for later use.

What's really cool about the app's BEAM feature is that it allows you to add vocal effects very conveniently without having to deal with cables or any other interfaces, When you pick a vocal effect preset from the app, it is transmitted to Perform-V via a loud-pitched audio sound. The preset sound is then added automatically to one of the three preset buttons selected.

Using Perform-V is very easy. You simply set up your microphone by pressing and holding the SET button for 2 seconds while you are singing and talking into the microphone. That's it, you're now ready to go! Have a listen:
ENTER Sandman Preset

DAN Solo Preset


The Verdict
Perform-V is a powerful vocal effects processor that clamps easily onto a microphone stand and allows you to change your vocal effects on the fly. You can download specific vocal effects from many different genres and artists. The great thing about Perform-V is that you don't need to be a performing artists to use Perform-V. If you are a DJ or a YouTube podcaster you can add really cool vocals when doing live sets.

If you want to keep the PITCH and REVERB buttons saved together as a preset, you can BEAM the preset from the app, or you can set up one of the on-board reverbs and enable the global pitch correction. Once you BEAM presets, they are stored so you don't need to BEAM them every time.

There is also an input for a footswitch so you can use a switch-3 or switch-6 pedal to access the buttons on Perform-V hand-free. The footswitch is set by default to change presets but it can also be assigned to other functions by holding the footswitch you want and then pressing the button on the Perform V that you want to assign it to.

The TONE button acts like a EQ that adapts to your voice for crystal clear voice clarity. The DOUBLE, REVERB and PITCH buttons are adjusted by holding down the respectable buttons while turning up or down the knob dial. There is also a headphone button and 48V button (phantom power for a condenser mic). To adjust the headphone volume you simply hold down the headphone button and crank up or down the knob dial.

After the effect level reaches maximum, the LED ring resets and changes the style (sound) of the effect. The LED color also changes for each style.

Perform-V also has a 3.5mm socket for you to plug in your player to input music and you can sing through Perform-V's built-in microphone without the need of an external mic. As far as support, TC Helicon provides a dedicated page, called VOICESUPPORT 2, to keep your Perform-V up to date with the latest software, firmware upgrades and manage your presets. Check out Perform V Vocal Effects Processor

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