Probox2 remote+ 6 Axis Gyroscope Air Mouse Remote/ Game Controller With Voice Search!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

After reviewing the Probox2 Z Android TV box, I am also reviewing the Probox2 remote+, which came as a bundle with the Probox2 Z and ProboX2 AVA Android TV boxes. So what is the Probox2 remote+?
The Probox2 remote+ is a 6 axis gyroscope air mouse remote control and game controller with built-in microphone all in one! The Probox2 air mouse remote comes with a 10 meter range, built-in microphone and USB dongle that allows you to use the Probox2 remote+ with an existing Android TV box media player in addition to MAC, Windows and LINUX.
I tested the remote on the Droidbox T8-Plus, UGOOS UT4 and all the remote buttons worked great with these TV boxes.
The buttons on the Probox2 remote+ include a Power Button, microphone vent, microphone button, Menu, Home, multi-directional pad, Back Button, OK Button (which is the select button), Volume Up Button, Volume Down Button, Mute Button, as well as four preset buttons which can be configured in-game.
There is also a Fly Mouse Button, which you press once to go into the gyro mouse, and press three times to go into the sideways mode for gaming. The built-in microphone on the Probox2 remote+ can be used for speech to text and online chats like Skype or Google Hangouts. Gaming is really fun with the remote, especially with driving action games like Fruit Ninja
The Verdict
Probox2 remote+ is a 2.4 GHz wireless 6 axis remote control/ gyroscope air mouse/ game controller, which is really easy to use and functional. The air mouse functionality of the remote is smooth and fluid without being jerky or fast, and works great even at long distance. What is great about this remote is that you can toggle between air mouse mode and directional keypad as soon as you press the directional pad or the air mouse button on the remote. Check out the Probox2 remote+ air mouse

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