1ByOne Folding Smartphone USB Solar Charger With Automatic Charging!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If you are someone who goes outdoors a lot, you would know the importance of battery power, especially when your phone battery doesn't last that long!
If you've always wanted to get a solar charger for your phone without spending a fortune, you should consider the folding smartphone USB solar charger by 1ByOne!
The foldable USB solar charger by 1ByOne consists of two USB ports with four solar panels protected by tough polyester exterior padding and cloth rings on each corner to hook up the solar charger onto trees, backpacks or tents.
micro USB cable included
When folded up, the USB solar charger measures only 26 cm (10 inches) wide and 3 cm (1 inch) thick. When unfolded, the solar charger measures 80 cm (31 inches) wide with all four solar panels extended out.
On a clear sunny day, the solar panels are able to generate around 24 watts of power which is enough to charge two smartphones simultaneously at 3.3A overall output. When only charging one smartphone at a time. this folding smartphone USB solar charger can output 2.4A per USB port.
The solar charger is very fast charging but you don't have to worry about overcharging as the unit features a built-in safety feature that prevents the solar charger from damaging your smartphones by over charging or over loading.
As far as functionality, the USB solar charger is very easy to use as it does not feature any buttons. Charging and monitoring of charging is done automatically by the built-in smart chip, which constantly monitors sunlight levels.
The USB solar charger automatically stops charging when full charge is complete and automatically turn off itself. On a sunny cloudy day, the solar charger will automatically turn off and start recharging when sunlight levels increase, which is quite convenient as you won't have to monitor the charging process.
The build quality of the USB solar charger by 1ByOne is very good though you also get a 12-month for piece of mind.

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