Zap-in-a-box Google Cardboard-like Virtual Reality Headset Viewer!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

If you remember Zappar's Adventure Suit interactive book that I reviewed back in April this year, you may be interested in their latest offerings called ZapBox 2.0 and ZapWorks Studio!
To showcase  the types of experiences you can create with ZapWorks Studio, the makers have come up with Zap-in-a-box, which is essentially a fold-out cardboard viewer similar to Google cardboard that comes with cool immersive virtual reality experiences.
how to get started with Zap-in-a-box
foam padding for comfortable viewing
foam strips keep your phone securely in place
side view of Zap-in-a-box
front view of Zap-in-a-box
cut-out underneath the box gives you access to your phone
ARCHOS 50e Helium phone inside the viewer
All you need to do is download the Zappar app and scan the zapcode included with Zap-in-a-box. You can use Zap-in-a-box headset viewer with other Google Cardboard apps by simply pairing the Google apps with Zap-in-a-box via the code below.
QR code
16-bit zapcode
You can also make your own zap experiences by signing up for ZapWorks free trial and use their software for 30 days free. Once you create a zap experience, you can update it whenever you want and republish it in real time.

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