EcoQube C Portable EcoSystem With Controllable LED Light!

Friday, June 17, 2016

EcoQube C is a desktop ecosystem that uses plants to filter the water so there is no maintenance required and no need to change the filters ever!
The EcoQube uses a special aquaponics filter that filters the tank just like nature cleans the oceans and rivers. It uses a three-stage filtration system : 1) the plants filter the water, 2) the filter turns the waste of the fish into fertilizer for the plant, 3) the plant grows and cleans the water.

Inside the box, you get a filtration media, a plant medium, Aquaponics filter pump, 2-gallon Acrylic aquarium, Ac to DC transformer, basil seeds, origin sand, aquatic plants and mountain stone (for decoration).
Setting up the EcoQube C is easy. You simply pour 3/4 of the the origin sand in the tank and then pour water all the way up to the rim of the tank.
plant medium
1 to 3 splitter
Then, place the basil seeds inside the plant medium and power up the unit with the 1 to 3 cable splitter, which connects the filter pump and LED light.
After everything is set up, you need to wait at least 3 weeks until the Basil plant grows at least one inch tall, before introducing any fish to allow the ecosystem to mature.
The filter pump is virtually silent so you can set up the EcoQube on a work desk or bedroom without worrying about noise disturbing your work or sleep.
magnetic aquarium cleaner and thermometer
The EcoQube C also comes with a glass panel cover to keep the water evaporation down so you don't have to add water to the tank as often.
EcoQube C remote
The EcoQube C remote provides an easy way to customize your ecosystem. The first 6 buttons on the first two rows of the remote control change the color of the water. The Clock Button is the timing function. If you hold the Clock Button for 3 seconds to turn on the 7-hour timer.
The Arrows control the amount of Red, Green, Blue and Brightness. The buttons M1, M2, M3, M4 are programmable buttons that you can use to store different combinations of colors and brightness. To program an M button, you simply choose a combination and hold an M button for 3 seconds and the combination will be set to that button. The last row of buttons on the remote control, contains different presets for the lights changing. They range from Night, Overcast, Lighting and Cloudy. Check out the EcoQube C Portable EcoSystem

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