iTENS App Controlled TENS Therapy For Pain Management!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

If you suffer from any type of chronic pain but don't want to take the strong drugs, there is something you can try to knock the pain down almost instantly. It's called TENS therapy!
TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and it's essentially an electrotherapy device for pain management and electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) for muscle rehab.
"Trans-cutaneous" means through the skin and a TENS device does just that. It sends small electrical currents through your skin to modulate the sensation of pain
The TENS unit I am testing out today, called iTENS, is a FDA cleared TENS medical device that works with your iPhone or Android device by sending tiny electrical signals through your skin to your nerve endings to intercept pain from reaching the brain.
iTENS unit mounted on small wings
You can keep track of your pain relief at the push of a button, and because iTENS is app controlled you can track your progress and chart your results, as well as select different settings to figure out what works best for your unique pain condition.

iTENS has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery
Unlike most TENS devices, with iTENS you only replace the peeling stick gel instead of the whole electrode, which is more cost efficient.
iTENS works very easily in three steps: 1) Peel and stick the electrodes, 2) Place the sticky electrodes on the pain area, 3) Launch the app.
iTENS gives you 24 hours of use per charge
 The small wings have a laser printed silver conductive surface

iTENS unit
iTENS is small and compact so you can wear it under your clothes, allowing you to get electrotherapy without people around you even noticing.
iTENS mounted on charging dock
Inside the box you get an iTENS TENS Unit installed into Wings, a pair of reusable iTENS gel pads, a resealable poly bag for storing the iTENS device and pads, a charging dock, a USB charging cable, a quick start guide (the complete users manual is available in the iTENS App). You also get a one year warranty, 6 month warranty on flexible Wings and 30 day satisfaction guarantee.
The iTENS app is available on Android and iOS devices. Once launched, the iTENS app is very easy to use. You can control multiple wings from the app, and you can select therapy programs based on body areas and conditions you want to treat (you can choose from muscle massage, muscle spasm relief, sciatica and chronic pain programs). You can also adjust the burst and rate of pulses produced by the iTENs unit. Check out iTENS Portable TENS Therapy 

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