HERCULES P32DJ Beatpad DJ MIDI Controller + DJUCED 40° App!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

The Hercules P32DJ is a portable two-channel MIDI controller/ DJ beat pad with two 16 by 16 beatpads and onboard sound card.
On the back of the P32DJ controller, you will find two RCA outputs and USB socket, which powers the Hercules P32DJ when connected to your computer.
On the right hand side, you will find a quarter inch headphone jack.
Constrols on the P32DJ are tactile and nice to the touch. The faders have rubber caps; while the transport buttons and beatpad buttons are made of soft rubber.
The mixer section of the P32DJ deck has controls for HIGHS, MIDS and LOWS, as well as headphone volume buttons, RECORD button (for recording sets) and SLIP button for engaging the SLIP mode feature which allows you to pick up a track where you left off when using the LOOP and SLICER features of the P32DJ and DJUCED 40° app.
The LOOP feature lets you trigger momentary loops as well as activate and deactivate loops of different lengths. When the LOOP feature is on the top half of the grid pad light light up red and bottom half blue.
To start using the Hercules P32DJ with the included DJUCED 40° app software, you need to install the DJUCED 40° app by downloading DJUCED 40° for PC/laptop or Mac OSX from the DJUCED website. DJUCED 40° software runs on Apple Mac OS X 10.8 or Windows 7 or higher versions; and you only need a 2 GHz processor, 2 GB of memory RAM and 1 GB available of disk space for the software to run.
Once DJUCED 40° is installed, you can browse, load samples and tracks to the decks directly from the P32DJ's BROWSE knob button and LOAD buttons.
The DJUCED 40° has great functionality and allows you to adjust the BPM of tracks, create manual loops and cut tracks in slices as well as play with four samples at the same time on one deck. You can check this guide for a more detailed run down on how to use the DJUCED 40° app
The Verdict
The Hercules P32DJ MIDI controller is light and compact, easy to use, portable and comes with the DJUCED 40° DJ application which is great to deejay with. You can do loop playing and sync mixing, can control fixed loops with a single encoder and you can see the length of the length of the loop in the digital display.
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The SLIP mode works great with instant loops to create beat repeat effects without losing the phasing of your track (great for live performance effects).  When SLIP mode is turned off, playback continues within the loop as as no pad is pressed. When SLIP mode is on, the loop will slip to the next slice available. The QUANTIZE mode in SAMPLER is great as it gives you perfect synchronization between all the decks and the SAMPLER, allowing perfect phasing. Check out the Hercules P32DJ

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