XTORM AL390 Laptop Power Bank 18000mAh With AC and USB Power Outputs!

Monday, June 20, 2016

If you  like the idea of being able to recharge any electronics, including 100~230V devices, anywhere you may want, check out the AL390 Power Bank by XTORM!
manual, AC adapter, AC charging cable, universal AC plug & 2 year warranty
The XTORM AL390 Laptop Power Bank is a super powerful power bank with an internal 18000 mAh lithium battery and external AC socket that allows you to plug any 100~230V devices directly into it.
Dimensions 186mm x 129mm x 28mm
You can charge your laptop, macbook, smartphone, tablet, a lamp, a shaver or fan, all simultaneously without mains electricity. The AL390 Power Bank is essentially mains electric power on the go. If you're plugging in a device that is compatible with multiple voltages, then an adapter is all you need
AL390 power bank inside carry pouch
When the 18,000 mAh internal battery of the AL390 Power Bank is fully charged, you can recharge your smartphone 10 times before having to charge the power bank again. To charge the AL390 Laptop Power Bank, you simply plug it into mains via the supplied AC adapter.
230V AC socket
The XTORM AL390 Laptop Power Bank also comes standard with 2 USB charging ports that allows you to charge two USB devices simultaneously.
AC On/OFF Switch & Two USB ports
The AL390 18,000 mAh Power Bank consists of two USB ports, a power/check switch and an AC power switch that switches the AC output ON or OFF. The USB ports have an output of 5V/2.4A each.
the power bank weighs 638 grams
When charging from empty, one of the LED indicators will light up initially until all four indicator lights eventually light up indicating full charge has been achieved. To check how much charge is left, you simply press the silver power button (each indicator light indicates the power level from 25% charge to 50%, 75% and 100% charge). On moderate use, the power bank can deliver up to 90 hours operating time.

When all four indicator lights flash simultaneously it means charging voltage is too low. Full charge takes around 4 hours. Check out the XTORM AL390 Laptop Power Bank 18000

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