Sennheiser OCX 686G Sports Earbuds With Volume Control & Mic!

Friday, July 01, 2016

Following up from yesterday's review of the Sennheiser's PMX 686G, I am reviewing today another pair of sports earbuds by Sennheiser, the OCX 686G Sports!
Sennheiser OCX 686G sports earphones have similar features to the PMX 686Gs such as smartphone remote and mic, long cable (1.2 meters), as well as being water resistant and washable.

The OCX 686G sports also share the same frequency response (18Hz–20kHz) as the PMX 686Gs so the trebles are very clear and the bass is nicely emphasized without being over powering.
Being lightweight and slimline, the OCX 686G sports earbuds are comfortable to wear and you don't notice you are wearing them, even after a long session at the gym or while wearing glasses.
The packaging reads "Samsung Galazy" but the inline remote control also works great with other Android phones such as the Alcatel PopStar and ARCHOS 50e Helium.
 The sound isolation on the OCX 686G sports earbuds is very good thanks to the sealed in-ear-canal design so, if you are looking for a pair of in ear sports headphones that block outside noise, the OCX 686 sport earbuds won't disappoint.
The OCX 686G sports oval cable is reinforced with Para-aramid (so it's anti-tangle) and it's symmetrical so the left and right cords have the same length. The jack connector at the end of the cable is L-shaped.
With the OCX 686G Sports, you also get a breathable carrying case, different size ear tips, croc clip, and instruction/warranty booklet.

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