1byone Thermo Electric Peltier Dehumidifier For Small Spaces!

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

If you are looking for a convenient way to remove moisture from small spaces such as bedrooms, bathrooms, RVs, basements and even wardrobes and roof attics, you may want to look into a thermo electric dehumidifier such as the 1byone dehumidifier.
Unlike a compressor dehumidifier, a thermo electric dehumidifier works great in small spaces because a thermoelectric dehumidifier operates using the Peltier effect, meaning the thermoelectric dehumidifier creates a temperature difference by sandwiching two heatsinks.
rubber bottom feet
One of the heatsinks is heated up to cool the other heatsink so when warm moisture from the air passes through the cool heatsink the moisture will condensate on the cool heatsink; thus dripping of it into the water tank. That's essentially how dehumidifiers work, by removing moisture from the air.
noise similar to computer fan noise
For a thermoelectric Peltier dehumidifier (also known as Peltier dehumidifier) to work efficiently a hot enough temperature have to be maintained; hence why thermoelectric dehumidifiers work great in small spaces.
The dehumidifier uses a C7/C8 coupler called figure-8 or shotgun connector that plugs into a IEC C7/C8 female socket.

When using a Peltier dehumidifier in a small room with windows, make sure the windows are closed, especially in the winter for optimal performance. Otherwise, very little water will be collected by the thermoelectric dehumidifier. Basically, the hotter the space or room is the better the Peltier dehumidifier will work.
400 ml water tank capacity
The 1byone thermo electric Peltier dehumidifier can operate effectively at 10 degrees centigrade but the higher the temperature inside the room the better. Inside a bathroom, the 1byone thermo electric dehumidifier works great, specially after a hot shower.
washable air filter
The 1byone thermo electric dehumidifier can store up to 400ml of water inside the removable water tank. The water tank has clear visible plastic so you can actually see the water collecting inside the tank.
large aluminium heatsink
A nifty feature on the 1byone thermo electric dehumidifier is the automatic switch off function when the tank is full of water, which is great as it means you can leave the unit running all night without having to worry about water overflowing.
The 1byone thermo electric dehumidifier power consumption is also reasonable as it only consumes 22.5 watts (9 volts * 2.5 amps = 22.5 watts) per hour, which is around 0.38 watts per minute.
two micro switches
The 1byone thermoelectric dehumidifier has two small switches, one switch detects when the water tank is pushed in, and the other switch detects when the water tank is full of water. 

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