Onyx Star Trek-Like Push To Talk Walkie Talkie Communicator!

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

If you are a fan of Star Trek or push to talk - walkie-talkie style communication, you will definitely love this offering from Orion Labs, called Onyx, which is essentially a Star Trek-like walkie talkie communicator similar to the communicator badge Captain Picard uses on Star Trek.
Depth: 15.7mm, Diameter: 50mm, Weight: 35g 
Onyx is a real time communication device that allows you to talk to people in real time, as well as being able to talk to intelligent agents such as Amazon Alexa.

volume rocker and metal clip on the back
micro USB port and headset socket
Onyx Star Trek-like walkie talkie communicator works with the Orion App (available on Android and iOS) on a smartphone, though the Orion app does not need to be open for it to work. This is great as it means, you can be doing other things on your smartphone like taking a phone call, streaming audio or playing a game.
built-in dual microphones
5 LED display lights and loud speaker
Simply press the button on the Onyx smart walkie talkie and talk and people in your group who have an Onyx will be able to hear you over any distance. The Onyx double speaker is pretty good and does a very good job at getting your voice clearly at the other end by cancelling out noise and echo.
Dust-resistant IP5x rating
The Onyx Star Trek-like walkie talkie communicator also features a TRRS 3.5 mm socket for plugging in a headset with an integrated microphone
charging cables
If you don't want to hear the audio from someone else speaking, you can rotate the front of the Onyx to put it into Mute mode so everyone in your group is muted. To let others know they have been muted, the Orion App circles you in yellow to let everyone know they have been muted.
Another nifty feature that makes the Onyx a smart walkie talkie is the "Distance Location" feature that allows you to check the location and distance the people in your group are from you by simply clicking on their profile.
rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery
After successfully pairing your Onyx with your smartphone, the 5 light display on your Onyx will briefly blink. When the battery is low on the Onyx, one of the lights will blink red. The battery status of the Onyx is indicated by how many lights are lit up (each light indicates 20% charge). When all lights are solid white, Onyx is fully charged.
Using the Onyx is pretty straightforward. Simply turn the face clockwise until it vibrates and continue holding it until it plays a sound; then release. Next, download the Orion app, launch it and sign up by creating an account. The Orion app will walk you through the basics such as pairing with your Onyx, creating a group and sending messages.
30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee, and a 1 Year Warranty provided
If you miss the days of PTT push-to-talk, the Onyx brings back the practical functionaly of two-way radio communications. 

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The practicality of Onyx is superb, not to mention the fun-factor. You won't have to worry about having to wash your hands (when cooking) to send an instant message reply nor get your phone out or wear an earpiece when driving. Simple push a button and talk!
Onyx uses low Bluetooth energy

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