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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Being able to easily store and backup data is key, which is why personal cloud solutions such as Google Drive and Dropbox are so popular. Problem is, how safe is your personal data uploaded on a public cloud service? 
That's where a private cloud solution such as the Apollo Cloud 4TB private cloud storage really works well as you'll be able to save files from iOS, Android and PC straight onto the Apollo Cloud without the data ever being transmitted over the Internet, which is great.
the brightness of the front Apollo LED light can be dimmed or turned off
As far as external storage options go, having a personal cloud solution on your gadget arsenal makes a lot of sense especially when Apollo's built-in 4 TB (terabyte) hard drive allows you to backup and access data instantly.
reset button restarts the cloud device
The Apollo Cloud has a Gigabit Ethernet port and only needs 4 Megabits per second of Internet speed to run. On the Gigabit Ethernet port, you will find two small LED lights.

The top LED is the "Connection Speed LED" and can show green (100Mbits/s) or amber (1000Mbits/s). The bottom LED is the "Connection LED" light which will show yellow indicating you are connected.
rubber feet, serial number/key code and ventilation holes
The Apollo LED is a functional part of the solution and its purpose is to advise you of the current status of the cloud device. When first powered on, the Apollo LED will show solid green and then flashing green during discovery mode. 
inside the box
 Once the device is ready to use, the Apollo LED will show solid white, and flashing white light during activity.
 Apollo does not require network configuration 

To get started, you simply connect the Apollo Cloud to your router's network by using the Ethernet cable provided.

Then download the Apollo Cloud App or the Apollo Cloud desktop software version from the Apollo Cloud's website, create an account and enter the validation code you receive via email. When you invite a member to the cloud from the Apollo Cloud app, the app will generate a QR code link for you to send to them.

you can upload up to 100 files at one time

Up to 10 members can be added to the Apollo Cloud 4TB private cloud storage so if you are the person setting up the Apollo Cloud you can add an additional 9 people (via invite link) to have their private cloud area where they'll be able to upload, share and download files.

As the admin of the Apollo Cloud, you also have complete access to the folders of the people you add to the Apollo Cloud. You can even delete them from the cloud!
you can limit available space for members from 100 GB to unlimited

One of the highlight features you get with the Apollo Cloud is the ability to share up to 1 Gigabyte size files for others to download using anonymous public download links (public links expire in 30 days). The great thing about the "Share a File" feature is that the person won't be required to set up an Apollo Cloud account. They can simply click the link and download the contents right away. As far as security, all the data within the Apollo Cloud is automatically encrypted.

Another great feature you get with the Apollo Cloud is smartphone functionality. You can download the Apollo Cloud app to do everything on the app that you can do on the desktop version such as streaming video, add members and send public links.
50 GB can be backup in around 25 minutes

To sync the Apollo Cloud app with the cloud device, simply wait for the green and white LED lights to appear solid on the front of the Apollo Cloud device. The green and white LEDs mean that the Apollo Cloud is ready to be synced up with the Apollo Cloud app, which will auto-find the Apollo Cloud device. If auto-find isn't finding it you can manually find it by using the serial number/key code and scanning the QR code that came with the cloud device.
the admin of the Apollo device receives security alerts every time a members logs in
Using a the Apollo Cloud app is very convenient, especially thanks to features such as "Camera Rolls", which basically allows you to automatically save to the cloud pictures and videos that you create on the go. With that said, you can disable "Camera Rolls" if you prefer to manually upload data to the cloud. In such case, you select the "Add Content" feature to upload data (you can also schedule a daily backup).

Apollo's app version allows you to also share private data with anyone. The app will automatically create a QR code link that you can send to them via text message, Facebook or email. The Apollo Cloud app is easy to navigate and has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to sort data on the cloud by file mode, photo mode, favorite mode or video mode.

From the Apollo Cloud app, you also get a "My Sharing" feature that allows you to delete and keep track of "member links" and "public links" that you send to members of the cloud and links that you make publicly on the Internet.

There is also a "Comment" feature that allows you to write comments on a file sent by a member of the cloud. This feature is pretty neat, especially if the members of the cloud are family members.

you can transfer content from Google Drive, DropBox, etc via the Apollo Cloud App
You can also backup your Apollo Cloud 4TB private cloud storage via USB 3.0 port and connect a 4TB external hard drive.
Lastly, Apollo receives a Firmware Update every two months, which is great as the Apollo Cloud will gain many new features to keep the cloud device up to date.
quality Ethernet cable
UK plug and European plug

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