AUKEY White LED Rechargeable Folding Desk Lamp!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

If you are looking for an LED desk lamp that gives a true white light bright enough to illuminate a keyboard desktop or bedside, check out the AUKEY white LED rechargeable folding desk lamp!
Being that it is rechargeable, lightweight (only 9.2oz) and foldable, you can move the Aukey desk lamp around and completely collapse it flat. That means you can easily take the lamp to your bedside desk and use it as a supplemental light source for bedtime reading.
When folded flat the Aukey desk lamp measures only 20cm long, 7cm wide and 1cm thick. Included in the box is also a micro USB cable, user manual and sticky wall mount.
sleek anodized aluminum alloy
When unfolding the lamp into an L shape and C shape, the height of the lamp is 52cm and 36cm respectively.
three adjustable arms
The color temperature of the Aukey LED lamp is 5500-6000K, which mimics noon sunlight via 21 LED bulbs that produce 150 lumens of light and consume only 3 watts of electricity.
AUKEY's white LED rechargeable folding desk lamp features two brightness levels that are adjusted via a single touch sensitive button. The focus of the LED light can be adjusted 360°, making it very versatile.
21 LED bulbs
micro USB port

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