PNBOO PA3 A3 LED Light Tracing Pad For Sketching!

Monday, November 21, 2016

If you are someone into visual arts, cartoon animation, photograph tracing or tattoo tracing, you can certainly make the tracing process easier by getting a tracing light box such as the PNBOO PA3
With the help of a tracing light box, you won't have to flip and retrace a drawing. Simply place the original drawing on the surface of the light box, place your watercolor paper on top of the original drawing, switch on the light and trace. It's very simple to use!
ideal for viewing old photo slides and negatives like hospital x-rays
The total dimensions 480 mm long, 362 mm wide and 7 mm thick. The actual working surface (active area) is 444.5 mm (17.5") by 320 mm (12.6"). The surface is made of acrylic plastic and it is illuminated via light-emitting diode (LED) that produce a light intensity of 20-2000cd/m2.

tracing a £5 note
The light intensity is even across the entire surface and can be turned up very bright but it can also be dimmed so you don't get brightness eye strain.
You get three settings to adjust the light intensity from very dim to very bright via two dedicated buttons. The brightest light setting is bright enough to trace through 650 gsm paper; while the medium and low light settings are good for tracing on 400 gsm watercolour paper and 320 gsm paper respectvely.
The PNBOO PA3 slim LED tracing A3 light box draws a total current of 0.7 amps so the light box comsumes a total power of 100V-220V (70W-154W) so the unit uses very little power.
Being so slim, the PNBOO PA3 slim LED tracing A3 light box is only 7 mm thick so you could easily slide it between the sheets of an A3 sketchbook.
Inside the box you get a 1.5 meters long power adapter cable with 3 pin uk plug, an anti-fouling glove and ten A3 sheets.

3 button design
The power adapter cable plugs into the light box from the left side of the light box so no catching on bottom.

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