Aukey EP-B26 Behind The Neck On Ear Bluetooth Headset!

Monday, November 21, 2016

If you are someone who likes listening to music while running in the park or working out in the gym but don't like over-the-head or in-ear headphones, you should consider getting a pair of behind the neck headphones such as the Aukey EP-B26 Bluetooth headset!
dedicated control buttons
rubberized accent throughout
The Aukey EP-B26 behind the neck design means the headband gets tucked away behind the neck plus the small ear cups are discreet to wear as they sit on the ears.
CVC noise cancelling
soft ear cups
If you do a lot of running or bench pressing exercises, the behind the neck design is really practical as they don't get in the way and you won't have to worry about the headphones falling on the floor.
 fold up to a compact and light weight size (0.15oz/72g)
24 hours talk time and 300 hours stand by time
Also, since the Aukey EP-B26 behind the neck on ear headphones have Bluetooth built-in, there are no wires to worry about.
battery display feature for iOS devices

Charging Time: 2 Hours
Being on ear, the Aukey EP-B26 Bluetooth headset are great for situational awareness particular when running on the road. With that said, this headset does feature CVC noise cancelling technology so they block out a decent amount of ambient noise.
Maximum Range: 33 feet (10m)
Aukey's EP-B26 headset also features the Bluetooth version 4.1 which supports both Bluetooth Low Energy and A2DP. With Low energy Bluetooth and A2DP, the built-in rechargeable lithium polymer 450mAh battery of the Aukey's EP-B26 headset lasts a lot longer plus you'll be able to listen to stereo music thanks to A2DP. You can get 20% Off Aukey products on Amazon by using promo codes: AUKEYUKTAUKEYUKY and AUKEYUKA

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