Atlas Wristband2 Rep Tracker Heart Rate Sensor w/ 100+ Exercises!

Thursday, December 08, 2016

If you are someone who spends a lot of time in the gym, it makes perfect sense to own a workout tracker, particularly one that is a dedicated gym workout tracker such as the Atlas Wristband2 rep tracker!
watch band made of strong glass filled polycarbonate so easy to clean
optical heart rate monitor
The Atlas Wristband rep tracker is an optical heart rate monitor built into a 128×64-pixel Passive Matrix OLED (PMOLED) touchscreen with a 120mAh rechargeable lithium-polimer battery that gives you up to seven hours of battery life from one hour of daily use.

watch strap-like band

tracking module with removable wristband that snaps into place magnetically
The Atlas Wristband2 is essentially a tracking module and watch-strap that can track gym workouts as well as swimming laps (water resistant up to 30 meters).
the tracking module can be removed from the wristband

tracking module
The Atlas Wristband2 workout tracker is powered by two 32-bit Cortex-M4 processors that coordinate the built-in tri-axis accelerometer, tri-axis gyroscope, and inertial sensors to track wrist movements during workouts.
USB charging cable included
micro USB port with magnets on either side
single multi-functional: power/back button

setting up the app information
The Atlas Wristband works in conjunction with an app, called Atlas Wearables app, that feature 100+ exercises, 70 of which exercises can be recorded/tracked simultaneously via the Freestyle Mode.
The Freestyle Mode on the Atlas Wristband2 tracks workout length and heart rate, as well as the number of times you perform an exercise (rep count and set count).
seven customized guided workouts to choose from
100+ trackable exercises
11 training styles to choose from
focus on building muscle, burning fat or toning up
choose the correct equipment option for proper tracking
What is really nifty about the Atlas Wristband (and what really sets it apart) is that the Atlas Wristband2 is smart enough to tell the difference between those 15 exercises individually.
the Atlas Wristband2 allows you to enter a weight value for weights
You don't have to stop during an exercise to manually switch exercises while using the Atlas Wristband2. The Atlas Wristband2 does that for you by automatically detecting your wrist movement, which is pretty clever stuff!
the Atlas Wristband2 can also tell the difference between a pause and a break
When performing an exercise with the Atlas Wristband rep tracker, it is a good idea to check out the Exercise Guide's video demos to see how the exercise is exactly performed so that the Atlas Wristband2 can properly track/record the exercise.
viewing modes: graphing view or standard view

the hear rate monitor automatically captures heart rate during a workout

workouts can be shared on social media

The Atlas A102 Wristband features several easy to navigate screens that allow you to select exercises, check battery life, heart rate and time/date, as well as being able to keep track of reps via the Atlas Wristband2 itself.

   device and tips                                                         date/time

   heart rate mode to monitor rate                             freestyle mode (the tracker will count reps and      and pulse when standing still                                 sets automatically for up to 15 synced exercises)

  hear rate running mode                                       workout summary 
  rerecords laps                                                          average and maximum hear rate

  battery level                                                          power off                                               

stop watch/cardio                                                    power save on turns off screen when not in use

device info

First time you launch the Atlas Wearables app, the app will prompt you to sync the wristband with the app. 
You will be presented with several screens on the wristband guiding you through the setting up process:

Here is how the packaging looks like:

you can link an Apple HealthKit or GoogleFit with the Atlas Wristband

built-in memory can store over 365 hours of detailed workout data as wel as heart rate data

iPhone 5+ with iOS 8+/ Android 5.0+ phones with Bluetooth 4.0 Smart

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