Aukey PB-C2 400 Amp Lithium Car Battery Jump Starter w/ 12000mah Powerbank

Friday, December 09, 2016

It's such a dreaded feeling when a car engine does not start up, leaving you stranded in your driveway, or worse somewhere at the roadside.
To save you from times like these, a high output jump starter really comes dead handy to kick start a dead car battery especially when you are stuck somewhere in the middle of the night without anyone else close by to help.
rubberized finish with power button on top
You definitely don't want to take chances if your car battery is old and/or your car sits still for days on end at an airport carpark with your dash cam in parking mode slowly draining your car battery.
torch with SOS signal mode
When looking for a jump starter, a solution such as Aukey's PB-C2 is great because it can provide 400 cold cranking amps (CCA) and it's small enough to carry and store in the glove compartment of the car.
jump starter lead ports with different shapes to avoid connecting the wrong lead
Aukey's PB-C2 400 amp jump starter keeps the charge when sitting idle even for long, thanks to the battery being lithium-ion based rather than lead acid which tends to self discharge and lose cold cranking amps when sitting idle for too long.
color coded lead connectors
By the way, the term "Cold Cranking" refers to how long it takes to turn over or start a car engine in cold weather, while Amps refers to current delivered while cranking the engine. Therefore, Cranking Amps (CA) means how long you can keep cracking a car engine while the car battery can deliver X amount of amps while holding voltage above 7 volts. 
It's never a good idea to keep cracking an engine for minutes on end because the longer you keep cranking an engine, chances are that you will drain the battery. This is why a jump starter or car battery that can hold voltage well is very important because in order for a battery to deliver 300 Cranking Amps it needs a steady voltage above 7 volts.
That's why it's really handy having one of these car battery jump starters with you, not only for battery drain issues, but for boosting the current cranking power of your car battery. Aukey's jump starter works just as well as when getting a jump start from another car but without the hassle.
The 15V/1A input allows you to recharge the battery via power wall adapter and car cigarette lighter adapter. Both of these are included. As far as charging the 12,000mAh built-in powerbank, it takes around 5 hours to fully charge from flat.
cigarette lighter adapter
power adapter
battery LED indicator
Using the jump starter is easy. Hook up the leads onto the car battery's terminal and power on the unit (the car starts with the first turn of the switch). After the engine is up and running, make sure to disconnect the jump starter leads from the car battery's terminals to prevent damaging the jump starter unit.
Aukey's PB-C2 car battery jump starter comes with a sturdy zip carrying case for securely storing the unit and accessories.
protective foam
waterproof carry case
USB cable included

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