Aukey GD-G1 Full Studio Microphone Set Up

Thursday, December 01, 2016

If you are looking for a versatile vocal studio microphone for doing voice over work or for recording foley sound effects, check out the GD-G1 full studio microphone set up by Aukey! Aukey's GD-G1 full studio microphone set up is great if you are starting out as a home recording artist who want to record singing, backing vocals or for YouTube commentary.

What you get inside the Aukey GD-G1 box:

shock mount
scissor arm stand

each arm measures approx 12 inches long

mounting clamp
pop filter
3.5 mm male to XLR male cable
wind shield
3.5mm Y splitter cable
vocal microphone
Here is every item at a glance:
inside the box
XLR female connection
Setting up the Aukey GD-G1 full studio microphone is a breeze. The scissor arm can be extended 180 degrees and has a pin at both ends. On one end, you screw the shock mount to the pin, and on the other end you insert the mounting clamp inside the pin. The mounting clamp allows you to clamp the entire microphone set up onto a desk.
The Aukey GD-G1 full studio microphone set up works great for recording with PC, as well as with a MacBook Pro if using a TRRS adapter.

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