Buckshot Pro Power Bank Built Into A Speaker With Flashlight!

Thursday, December 01, 2016

Outdoor Tech's Buckshot Pro is a power bank built into a 32-feet range Bluetooth speaker with 100 lumen LED flashlight, all in one small form factor rugged unit. 
inside the box
The 2600mAh rechargeable power bank is great for a quick charge on the go and gives up around 10 hours of charge life.
measures 5.87 x 1.77 x 1.77 inches
The Outdoor Technology's Buckshot Pro is literary housed inside a silicone rubber casing that makes the Buckshot Pro shock resistant and water resistant.
IPX5 water resistant standard
You can take the Buckshot Pro out on a hike or attach it to your backpack strap or bike thanks to a rubber clip that allows you to attach the Buckshot Pro to the handle bar of a bike so you can use the flashlight to see where you are going (while listening to music at the same time, which is pretty cool).
The flashlight on the Buckshot Pro has three settings that include torch, beam and strobe. Torch mode allows you to use the Buckshot Pro as a mini lantern, while beam mode and strobe mode allow you to use the Buckshot Pro as a standard flashlight.
the flashlight plugs via USB connection and screws into the Buckshot Pro
Aside from giving you 10 hours of play time on a full charge, the Buckshot Pro's power bank can also charge your smartphone one time over and power the flashlight for 6 hours, all from one single charge. Check out the review of the Buckshot 2.0 speaker.
control buttons: press and hold the circle button to power on/off the unit
speakerphone...the three small holes to the left are the built-in mic and activity LEDs
the head of the flashlight is rubberized
micro USB port and USB 3 port
USB cable and rubber clip
weighs 190 grams
Buckshot Pro all-in-one speaker, power bank and flashlight

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