Devolo Smart Energy Home Automation Saves You Money on Energy Bills!

Friday, December 23, 2016

Having a smart energy system in your home is a clever way to combat expensive energy bills, especially when you can fit it yourself and tweak it anyway you like!
This is where a do-it-yourself smart energy home automation system such as Devolo's Home Control kit makes a lot of sense because it does not require wiring or drilling nor the expertise of a qualified electrician.
You can turn your home smart very easily with just a few simple ready made components that will allow you to monitor electricity consumption as well as heating costs. You can modify as well as mix-and-match Devolo's smart components to fit your needs. Here are some smart components you can get:

smart metering plug (monitors power consumption of any electrical appliance plugged into it)
home control central unit (the brain that controls the smart components)
door/window sensor

back of window/door sensor
door/window contact sensor
wireless radiator thermostat
control buttons with digital display
Devolo's radiator thermostat is essentially a wireless thermostat that allows you to control your boiler via a smartphone app (Devolo home control app) so you can switch it on and off whilst your out of the house and control the temperature.
back of the radiator thermostat
the radiator thermostat uses two AA batteries (included)
radiator thermostat o rings

Fitting the smart home control kit is easy.

1. Simply plug in the control central unit:
2. Visit, create an account and activate the account by clicking on the email registration link you receive.
3. Log in to access the Devolo dashboard and click Home Control to add your central unit
4. Connect the included Ethernet cable to the central unit and your home router to establish connection and wait for the tick mark LED to turn white
5. Once the tick mark LED turns white, enter your home address (required), click the triangle button on the screen below and then click Accept
6. Wait for the central unit to configure itself

7. Now you can add the smart components
8. I'm adding the smart metering plug so I plug the smart plug into a mains outlet and wait for the central unit to register the smart plug. Once it does, you'll receive a screen prompt with a green check mark.

You can add the location where you plug the smart plug and check how much electricity you consume. I plugged in the kettle and the smart plug registers 2000 watts of power consumption after boiling less than half a kettle of water, which looks like a lot of power consumed and maybe this kettle of mine isn't very efficient (that's good to know).
main screen

you can manually turn off the plug from the online dashboard as well as the app

boiler consumed 2000 watts to heat up 3/4 of water in 5 minutes
With the Devolo home control kit, you can also set rules similar to IFTTT to be notified (via email) of an action taken by a sensor. You can have a sensor execute a certain action such as automatically turning down a radiator if a window is opened in the same room, which is pretty cool.

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