Poweradd PS-9016BR Powerstrip With Quick Charge USB Ports

Saturday, December 24, 2016

If you travel a lot you probably have noticed how many hotel rooms that you stay in do not have many power outlets.
In fact, depending on where in the world you are traveling to, some hotel rooms may only have as many as one single power outlet available to use, which isn't enough if you need to charge cameras, phones, tablets and other gadgets.
This is where a power strip with USB ports comes in handy as it also avoids the charging dilemma of whether to take with you a powerstrip with individual chargers or a powered multi port USB hub.
With a power strip with USB ports such as Poweradd PS-9016BR you get a 4-outlet powerstrip with four Quick Charge 2 USB ports and one Quick Charge 3 USB port, making it a total of nine power outlets available to use.
If you travel with friends or family, this means you can charge devices via USB cable only, as well as with their individual chargers.
Poweradd's power strip multi port USB has surge protection and is rated at 250-Volt/ 13-Amp, delivering a total power of 3250-Watt, which means you can use all four power outlets and five USB ports at the same time.

rubber feet and wall mount inserts
The powerstrip shell casing is made of durable fire resistance material while the wiring used is 100% copper wire which is rust-free and prevents overloading should a surge of high current was to flow through the cable.
The USB ports use Qualcomm Quick Charge technology so charging devices through the USB ports is super fast, especially via the Quick Charge 3 USB port which can charge 80% of your device's battery in just 35 minutes.

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