Evistr L53 Linear PCM 8GB Digital Voice Recorder

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

If you are someone who requires on-field recording whether at a university lecture or radio podcast interview, you can definitely do with a small and portable voice recorder that offers clear voice recording.
That's where the magic of the PCM audio format comes into place. As opposed to a standard digital recorder, a PCM voice recorder uses pulse-code modulation, which is a nifty technique invented in the 1940's to digitally represent sampled analog signals by using pulses and spaces to represent the digital bits.
With a linear PCM digital voice recorder such as Evistr L53, the analog signal recorded is not compressed but directly represented in digital form; hence the recording that you make with a linear PCM recorder will be closest to the original analog signal recorded.
CD audio also uses the PCM format but only at 16-bit/44.1 kHz sampling rate, while the Evistr linear PCM digital voice recorder can record WAVE files in the 24-bit/48kHz (2,304 Kbps bit-rate) and 16-bit/48kHz (1,536 Kbps bit-rate) linear PCM format.
The L53 can also record in MP3, as well as in APE and FLAC, which are also lossless uncompressed wave formats.
you can potentially record over 270 hours thanks to the 8 GB built-in flash memory

As far as the Evistr L53 manual, it shows you how to restore the factory settings, format the device and use the recording function. To restore factory settings, Press M (menu), select System setting, Press M, select Factory settings, Press M, select YES, press M, and confirm your selection.

If the L53 voice recorder becomes unresponsive or shows “disk error”, you will need to format the L53 voice recorder. To format the L53, you can connect the L53 voice recorder to your computer and format it the same way you format a USSB flash drive, or you can format the L53 directly from the unit itself by doing the following: Press M (menu), select system setting, Press M, select Format device, Press M and select YES to format the device.
lovely aluminum alloy finish
As far as recording, the L53 voice recorder has three different recording functions which include VOR (voice activated recording), Track On  and Sectional Recording. Sectional Recording is a nifty recording feature that lets you program the L53 to record, save a recording and start a new recording automatically (you can set the recording from a minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours).
Track-On recording lets you set the L53 voice recorder to record only when sound is detected. If within 5 seconds the L53 does not detect a sound, it will save the file and start a new recording automatically.

Built-in  3.7V 800mAh lithium battery
AVR (VOX or VOR) recording is similar to Track-On. The only difference is that instead of saving a file when sound is not detected, the voice recorder pauses the recording and resumes recording automatically when sound is detected.
Music can also be downloaded to the Evistr L53 linear PCM digital voice recorder via micro USB connection so the Evistr L53 can be used as a music player. The L53 captures audio in broadcast quality sound and you can record in stereo by using the included microphone which you plug via the L53's stereo microphone jack.
If you are using your own condenser dynamic microphone, the L53 recorder can also supply power to a microphone requiring DC powering.
128 x 48 OLED 1.1 inch display screen
A col nifty feature that comes with the Evistr L53 linear PCM digital voice recorder is the ability of the recorder to automatically save audio files before the battery runs flat. The last thing you want is losing a precious audio recording because your recorder run out of battery.
Included with the Evistr L53:

telephone recording adapter


USB connection line


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