Soundman OKM II In-ear Binaural Microphone For ASMR Field Recording!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

There is nothing like the 3D sound reproduction of a binaural recording which captures the depth and separation of the left ear and the right ear as heard by the listener!
Having tested several microphones in the past, the Soundman OKM II in-ear binaural microphone capsules have by far the largest microphone frequency range (20Hz and 20kHz) and dynamic range (131 dB).
The Soundman OKM II also have distinctive functionality as the OKM II have an in-ear design that allows for binaural recording and headphone playback monitoring. The OKM II are worn inside the ear (just like in-ear headphones) allowing you to record as well as monitor binaural recordings for a full binaural experience.

If you're someone who produces sounds outside of a recording studio, you'll know how cumbersome a large microphone can be. The OKM II being so small and compact means you can wear them on your ears or carry them in your hands without even notice them.
The binaural recording experience with the OKM II in-ear mics is very unique, particularly when worn inside the ears. Because the OKM II mics can literary be mounted on your head, as opposed to a mic stand, the sounds you record (especially speaking sounds) are very realistic.

hard case to store the OKM II mics
As the OKM II in-ear binaural mics can be positioned in your ears, the microphones pick up sound in pretty much the same the ears do; hence you're able to record sounds coming from all directions, including from behind the ears. If you're someone who does ASMR mouth sounds on YouTube, you're definitely going to like using a pair of OKM II binaural microphones for ASMR binaural recordings.

As mentioned earlier, the OKM II in-ear binaural microphones have an earbud design, making them ideal for discreet recording or for attaching them to a dummy head when you want a proper stereo field placement from left to right and front to back.
OKM II mics on dummy head
Aside from binaural recording, the OKM II microphones can be used as lavalier microphones (for public speaking or interviews), as well as boundary microphones and pressure zone microphones (PZM) for recording instruments upclose.

Inside the box, you get spare ear foam covers, a Soundman A3 power adapter (battery included), two microphone clips, instruction booklet and instruction CD.
ear foam covers
crocodile clips
choose -20dB when recording high sound pressure levels

Aside from powering the OKM II microphones, the A3 adapter features a low frequency roll off  switch and a sound pressure level switch that allow you to adjust the microphone for sound frequencies below 300Hz as well as high sound pressure levels.
use ” /” when recording speech and “-” when recording music
push button, LED and 3.5 mm socket
Another nifty feature that you get with the A3 adapter is LED battery check, which is performed by pressing the button in front of the adapter. The brightness of the LED lighting up green indicates the remaining battery life.
Here are a few of recordings made with the OKM II binaural microphone. Best to use headphones to listen to as it’s the only way to hear to enjoy a proper binaural effect.

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