TrackR Bravo Lost Item Tracker With Crowd GPS

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Bluetooth trackers are getting smarter and smaller by the minute! With TrackR Bravo not only you can keep track of lost belongings but also being reminded if you leave them behind! This is particularly true of keys and wallets which can easily be left behind at a bar or cafe, but also true at home when stuff always seems to disappear mysteriously!
alarm notifications are sent to your phone
A Bluetooth tracker such as TrackR Bravo, comes real handy for times when your personal stuff perform a disappearing act and then reappear days later out of nowhere. TrackR Bravo is the size and thickness of a coin and works in synchrony with a smartphone app (TrackR app), which allows you (in a snap of a finger) to locate anything you attach the tracker to via sound or Google maps.
TrackR can ring a missing phone even on silent mode

Tracking is done from smartphone to tracker and viceversa (from tracker to smartphone), which means the TrackR Bravo can also help you locate your smartphone thanks to the built-in alarm button on the device. Aside from being an item ringer and phone finder, TrackR Bravo features Separation Alerts, Crowd GPS and Family Sharing.
alarm sound can be customized from a music library
Separation Alerts allow you to customize when to have the TrackR device beep when Bluetooth connection is lost. Crowd GPS is a feature that comes handy when the item disappears out of your range as Crowd GPS marks on google maps the last known location of the item so when another TrackR user is nearby it can automatically report to you the exact location of the device (this can be anywhere in the world).
Replaceable battery life of 1 year
the app can track multiple TrackR Bravo's
Family Sharing allows you to create personalized groups so you can share with family and friends a tracked item. This feature is great for a family to track a family pet or family member.

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