TaoTronics TT-CD06 Discreet 2K HD Dash Cam with Quick Release Mount

Friday, December 16, 2016

God forbid you never get involved in a car accident but car accidents do happen and when they do, it will be your word against the word of the other driver! Having a dash camera in your car can save you a lot of grief when an accident is caused by another car, a pedestrian or cyclist.
In cases where you are not responsible for an accident, a car dash cam will be very useful especially if police have to be involved. A low profile dash camera with quick release mount such as the TaoTronics TT-CD06 dash cam is a good choice as you can just leave it in the car and forget about it. The TaoTronics TT-CD06 mounts on the car windscreen and comes with handy nifty features such as auto start/stop recording, emergency record and parking mode.
the dash cam can record seamless 1,3 or 5 minute clips
The TT-CD06 dash cam has pretty good video quality. It can record 720p at 30FPS and 60FPS, 1080p Full HD at 30FPS and 45FPS and higher resolutions, including 2K 1296p (2304 x 1296) and 2560 x 1080 which is a 21:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
the LCD's back-light automatically turns off
On the back of the TT-CD06 dash cam there is a 2-inch LCD screen and four clearly labeled buttons that you can use to start/stop recording, snap pictures, mute/unmute the microphone, emergency record and switch on/off HDR mode (press and hold the button).
built-in battery can last 30 minutes on a full charge
The "emergency record" feature on the TaoTronics TT-CD06 dash cam does come handy as it's an automatic feature that records a 30 second video clip (10 seconds before you press the button and 20 seconds after) and then saves the video automatically for you.
1-inch high from base to lens
SD card slot and power button
The TT-CD06 dash cam features a CMOS active pixel sensor which gives the dash cam a crisp video quality, capturing very clearly car registration plates.
quick release insert
The dash cam's lens also adjusts and compensates well for exposure changes from dark to light and sunlight when driving straight into the sun.
micro USB port, reset button and HD Out (for external video output)
The TT-CD06 dash cam user interface is clear and easy to navigate :

when parking mode is enabled the dash cam will record within 2 seconds of impact

You can set a date/time stamp with driver ID or disable it all together:
when motion detection is enabled the dash cam will start recording when an object is detected
Being that the TaoTronics TT-CD06 discreet dash cam is powered by 5V, it means the dash cam can be powered by an external USB power bank, which is handy should you want to run the dash cam continuously when parked.
Inside the box you get:
dash camera
low profile suction cup mount with 360 degree rotation
a double-sided sticky fixed mount & 6-inch micro USB cable
32GB SD card (the camera can support up to 64GB)
cigarette lighter socket with dual USB charging port
12-foot long USB cable & trim tool for tucking USB cable behind the trim of your car
1.5 years of warranty available

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