Torretta XL Ergonomic Bucket Seat Gaming Chair By Arozzi

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Nothing better complements a top notch gaming set up than a comfortable ergonomic gaming chair that is stylish and features plenty of functionality such as seat height adjustment, adjustable arm height and backrest adjustability.
Arozzi's Torretta XL bucket seat gaming chair ticks all of the above as well as a ton more features, including an air vent-hole on the backrest, twin wheel casters, tiltlable seat with lock function, 360-Degree armrest rotation, extra padded seat and back rest and extra wide seating area for extra room.
If you're a big guy the Torretta XL chair is tailor-made for you thanks to a wide inner seat (43 cm) and wide seat depth (53 cm). The lower backrest inner width is 44.5 cm, while the upper backrest inner width is 57 cm. 
The adjustable height Class-4 gas spring lift is durable for up to 140kg (310 lbs). The backrest height is 84 cm while the seat height can be adjusted between 45 cm and 53 cm. When adjusted to 45 cm or 53 cm, the total seat height is 120 cm and 128 cm respectively.
Arozzi's Torretta XL bucket seat gaming chair is upholstered with blue and black fabric material throughout the front seat, back and sides of the chair, and features a metal frame construction (including the chair's base).
Arozzi's Torretta XL is lightweight and easy to move around
The extra padded seat, lower-back pillow support and head pillow support really make the Arozzi's Torretta XL a very comfortable chair, even during a solid 4-hour gaming session.
lever to adjust the backrest angle
Another plus for the Torretta gaming chair is that it also doubles up as a very comfy office chair. You can have the backrest leaned all the way back to almost 180 degrees, as well as have the chair tilted up to 12 degrees in any position and have the backrest 90-degrees upright, which is perfect for getting some serious work done!
After taking the chair out of the box, assembling the Torretta XL's gaming chair was straight forward following the instructions

Inside the Torretta XL box you get:

caster wheel base
front seat

Allen key with 6 small screws

metal frame support
plastic covers

pillow support

Five caster wheels (each caster is double-wheeled)

adjustable height gas-spring

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